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CathyMcMorrisRodgers (R) @cathymcmorris

Turn on @kxly920 Morning News to hear @budname and me talk about Internet Taxes and the STEP project. #goodmorning #Spokane

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) @RepJeffDuncan

The State Depart didn't want to include references to prior threats in the #benghazi talkers bc they didn't want criticism for not acting

Dave Joyce (R) @RepDaveJoyce

Congratulated @BrecksvilleOhio gymnasts on 10 straight state championships! http://t.co/31GqikGtmL

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Luke Messer (R) @LukeMesserIN

We must remain committed to winning the War on Terror. Check out my column on the recent terrorist attacks: http://t.co/KHsPvHeLQM

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Ann Wagner (R) @RepAnnWagner

So did anyone actually get fired from the #IRS or did the Obama Administration hire the culprits to replace Axelrod and co.?

Erik Paulsen (R) @Erik_Paulsen

I did. Sergio sucks “@Ron_Rosenbaum: #Players Choke of the year. Sergio: plunk! Think Tiger enjoyed that?”

Senator Ron Johnson (R) @SenRonJohnson

Great post from @TheAnchoress: about those Embassy attacks under Bush. http://t.co/l2psOCWVCe

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Rep. Paul Cook (R) @RepPaulCook

On this day in 1846, Congress voted in favor of President James K. Polk’s declaration of war on Mexico in dispute over Texas #hfotd

Doug Collins (R) @RepDougCollins

Will be on @FoxBusiness at 1pm EST to discuss the IRS targeting political groups. Hope you'll tune in

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