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Rodney Davis (R) @ElectRodneyIL

FACT CHECK: 88% of donors to @ElectRodneyIL campaign are individuals and 92% of those individuals are from IL #IL13Debate #IL13

Rodney Davis (R) @ElectRodneyIL

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy that is why the NFIB has endorsed @ElectRodneyIL http://t.co/DSuhXz4l

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Rodney Davis (R) @ElectRodneyIL

FACT CHECK: @ElectRodneyIL supports an all of the above energy policy #IL13Debate #IL13

Rodney Davis (R) @ElectRodneyIL

@ElectRodneyIL is proud of being a public servant for nearly 20 years #IL13Debate #IL13

Rodney Davis (R) @ElectRodneyIL

.@DavidGill2012 doesn't believe Dodd Frank went far enough #IL13Debate #IL13

Rodney Davis (R) @ElectRodneyIL

.@DavidGill2012 supports higher taxes on job creators and job-killing regulations in health care and energy #IL13Debate #IL13

Rodney Davis (R) @ElectRodneyIL

DCCC is funded by the same Wall Street bankers and big corporations that @davidgill2012 rails against

Janice Arnold-Jones (R) @JaniceforNM

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
@SamsungSupport My AT&T Nexus S wont power on after losing power last night and being plugged in all day. Any Ideas?

Daniel Webster (R) @WebsterCongress

Rothenberg Political Report no longer considers FL-CD 10 a potential House upset - http://t.co/bzAgYezU #sayfie

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Gary R. Herbert (R) @GovHerbert

You are inspiring kids the be creative and inventive-as we embrace technology we are seeing significant outcomes in UT #uted

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