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An archive of the public statements deleted by U.S. politicians. Explore the tweets they would prefer you couldn't see.

To meet the Twitter API Terms of Service, all deleted tweets shown here since June 22, 2012 have been reviewed and approved by the Sunlight Foundation.

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Bill Johnson (R) @RepBillJohnson

My latest eNewsletter: "Defending America's Constitution from Mandates" http://t.co/fAq1G13t

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Congressman Landry (R) @JeffLandry

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My testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on indefinite detention of Americans: http://t.co/KNAtnTZL #NDAA #liberty

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Gov. Buddy Roemer (R) @BuddyRoemer

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RT @BR_Becca: Help Gov. @BuddyRoemer raise $$ to spread his message across America. Donate to his "Country Before Party” money bomb http://t.co/Y9i6Fm2Z

Tom Graves (R) @RepTomGraves

Please tune into @foxbusiness in the 5pm tomorrow. Will talk with @GerriWillisFBN about #highgasprices & my proposal to lower #fedgastax

Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

RT @TXRightToLife: #ProLife Champ @RepKenMarchant challenges Sebelius for denying TX the right to implement WHP w/o Planned Parenthood http://t.co/heOY6CHK

Dean Heller (R) @DeanHeller

RT @RalstonFlash: Is it just me, or have these hyperventilating, cliche, nauseating end-of-month, Democratic candidate/party $$ pitches always been so awful?

Peter Roskam (R) @PeterRoskam

NEW #AskPeter video: We need #energy policies that lowers costs, not benefit political allies: http://t.co/1XXlTYJR

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Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) @SenatorSessions

Sessions On Gas Prices: Alabamians Will Pay The Price For Admin's 'Social Engineering' http://t.co/R0n9aJJL

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John McCain (R) @SenJohnMcCain

RIP Lynn "Buck" Compton - one of the real-life "Band of Brothers." I was honored to write the forward to his book http://t.co/w0MHpkWK

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On June 3, 2015, the Sunlight Foundation received word from Twitter that it was pulling the plug on Politwoops, reversing an agreement made in 2012 that allowed us to run the project using its API. The last deletions we have archived are from May 15, 2015. Please read our 'Eulogy for Politwoops' for more detail.

While we may no longer be able to publish deleted tweets, we're still working hard to advocate for more and better open data and to create tools that promote transparency and hold our government accountable.

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