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Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

WashPo: "The real game the W.H. was playing was dodgeball: evading anything resembling a serious budget proposal." http://t.co/AjlkwW0z

Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

RT @SpeakerBoehner PANNED: President Obama’s tax, spend & borrow budget is #bad4jobs http://t.co/I5cgBadJ

Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

ObamaCare empowered HHS to institute at will a rule violating freedom of religion: http://t.co/5QGf8TX4

Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

RT @GOPoversight Meet Claire Waites -28 yr teacher, duped into giving 2 #union "childrens fund" that funds politics VID http://t.co/OXI3Cjwf

Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

ICYMI: In my e-newsletter yesterday, I discuss recent votes in Congress: http://t.co/USR4vc7j #TX24

Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

Texas again in nation's top state for exports: http://t.co/TZ0rrb6M via @DBJInsights

Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

More spending, more debt, no change: http://t.co/sJtp5kqV #budget

Kenny Marchant (R) @RepKenMarchant

Jim Cramer on MSNBC says ObamaCare is hampering job creation & sending jobs overseas: http://t.co/XmaRD8G5

Peter Roskam (R) @PeterRoskam

Thanks for having me @AActionNetwork & @AmericanXRoads to speak about how Washington’s overreaches hurt #jobs

Cong. Tim Huelskamp (R) @CongHuelskamp

The staggering debt burden acknowledged - and sustained - by #POTUS budget. #tcot #gop #2futures http://t.co/Cep5m1m7

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