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Lindsey Graham (R) @GrahamBlog

Speaking with student reports earlier today at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville. http://t.co/lGAVTHwy

David Vitter (R) @DavidVitter

Help my friend @DeanHeller - the conservative Sen. from Nev. win reelection so Harry Reid doesn’t get another vote: https://t.co/18vOKks0

Rep. Tim Griffin (R) @LtGovTimGriffin

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Last week, I testified on the #EPIC Act before a @GOPoversight subcommittee. Watch the video: http://t.co/M5JzCvkR #ar2

John Kline (R) @repjohnkline

Kline: Entitlement reform

Rep. Tim Griffin (R) @LtGovTimGriffin

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CBO: after pension & HC counted, federal workers total compensation is 16% more than pvt sector equivalent #ar2 #epic http://t.co/GISDW5Md

Rep. Tim Griffin (R) @LtGovTimGriffin

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
Learn more about the End Pensions in Congress Act (#EPIC): http://t.co/TaBDAz7v

Patrick McHenry (R) @PatrickMcHenry

@SteveCase Thanks again for your support crowdfunding. Would love to meet and discuss further.

Louie Gohmert (R) @replouiegohmert

On January 31 1865, the House of Representatives passed a constitutional amendment to abolish slavery. #history http://t.co/Y1MlbLyL

Rep. Todd Young (R) @RepToddYoung

More animals: I also visited the Brown County Humane Society. They have a 97% save right, one of the highest in... http://t.co/StvuDALF

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