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Mike Pence (R) @mike_pence

Don't believe campagin ads; Indiana’s economy booming https://t.co/MDFDOnKNVK

Rep. Scott Tipton (R) @RepTipton

Next week I'm hosting three roundtables on the #OpioidEpidemic. More details in my press release: https://t.co/s7JT0AW71q

Richard Shelby (R) @SenShelby

Not surprisingly, Dems have again chosen to pursue their political agenda instead of talk about ways to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

Kevin McCarthy (R) @GOPLeader

RT @HarvardIOP: What's it like to intern for @GOPLeader? There are intern debates! Here's Kevin, IOP Director's Intern in action. https://t.co/E9cCuc1AYH

Rep. Jason Smith (R) @RepJasonSmith

The IRS continues to ignore the Constiution.The power of the purse is given to Congress NOT this abusive agency: https://t.co/w3Jtdo2tKa

Rick Scott (R) @FLGovScott

We're so grateful @TimTebow's support – thank you for bringing faith, hope & love to those needing a brighter day. https://t.co/6wJMFGbyQi

Steve Chabot (R) @RepSteveChabot

We're bringing bold new ideas to the table that will change the way Washington does business. #BetterWay https://t.co/87gJkiV4uh

David Schweikert (R) @DavidSchweikert

What a heart-warming story of the love of a father for his son! https://t.co/2gIdHjOy5v

RepKevinBrady (R) @RepKevinBrady

I had the privilege of talking taxes with Dr.Arthur Laffer,Father of Supply-Side Economics #BetterWay @BetzArthur https://t.co/yEgNcsqJ9y

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