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claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @BinghamtonNow: Primary Day: Polls in most of upstate New York will be open from noon to nine.

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @BinghamtonNow: Previously on "Those Crazy Governors" - NY's Hugh Carey offered to drink a glass of PCB's and run a mile afterwards!https://t.co/fWxajZT231

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @BinghamtonNow: .@WICZFrankM @BinghamtonNow I'll be back on Fox 40 News at Ten - Tuesday night as the primary results are coming in. https://t.co/q7y0VsdGF1

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @nytimes: The Taliban have killed dozens and wounded hundreds in a rush-hour attack in Kabul https://t.co/4J2tYcWgOc https://t.co/8owjPE5ggp

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @fud31: Iran demands new bribes --- and Obama rushes to deliver https://t.co/sug5q0vs9O via @nypost

Lou Barletta (R) @loubarletta

Talking with Greta Brawner on @cspanwj this morning about my endorsement of @realDonaldTrump for president. https://t.co/AX5Q43TVMB

Rep. Rob Wittman (R) @RobWittman

Pleasure talking to the Coalition for Health Funding on #chfhillday16 https://t.co/vRNLvmES7e

Tom Cotton (R) @SenTomCotton

Earlier today I joined Charlie Engram on KLFC to discuss #GITMO and military preparedness. LISTEN: https://t.co/r0uRy3a6xK

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