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Brad Wenstrup (R) @RepBradWenstrup

IRS Oversight While Eliminating Spending Act (H.R. 4885) - https://t.co/p1qaNhnPt3

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

Career Politician Marlin Stutzman voted to raise Hoosier taxes. https://t.co/faqZMpmgdS #INSen https://t.co/PddNb4zDhB

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

Career Politician Marlin Stutzman Says ‘It’s Too Late’ To Repeal Obamacare https://t.co/3kQRdvDK2U #INSen https://t.co/h1SSaEY61a

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

Marlin Stutzman Left Indiana And Moved To A Large Home Near Washington DC https://t.co/JN3URjFOeZ #INSen https://t.co/0mHv4sWEwF

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

Career Politician Marlin Stutzman Voted To ‘Nearly Double’ His Own Pay https://t.co/wfgiv4OVPI #INSen https://t.co/eKFu0NVSHq

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

Career Politician Marlin Stutzman’s Million Dollar Taxpayer Subsidy https://t.co/13ooZZ78w3 #INSen https://t.co/IqdaRMD7ho

Doug Collins (R) @Douglas_Collins

RT @georgiapol_com: New post: 9th District Candidate Doug Collins Picks Up Two Endorsements https://t.co/WWJGTgRR5q #gapol

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