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claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @CinderellaMan2: Any democrat voters who own guns can clearly see Hillary would take them away. #CNNDebate @CNN #NRA @NRA #2ndAmendment

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @davidmills123: @_LucidHurricane I payed. I payed for my own education. I payed for my daughters college education, I payed for my sons college edu. I payed

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @mytxalibi: Penny Young Nance, CEO, Pres Concerned Women for America - Endorses @tedcruz for President https://t.co/9g3gWK2MpX #CruzCrew #ChooseCruz

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @tedcruz: If I’m president, my priorities will be lifting tax and regulatory burdens so small businesses can grow and create jobs. #CruzOnSquawk

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @SteveMcNY: Look at those closing statements. Hillary's sounds like a eulogy for someone she didn't like that much. No wonder Sanders is resonating.

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @SteveMcNY: Hillary and Bernie sound like two cranky residents of a nursing home fighting over who ate the last jello cup.

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