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Gina Raimondo (D) @GinaRaimondo

Had a great time with @ProvidenceRI members. You're doing an amazing job letting everyone know RI is a great place to to live, work, visit.

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

We’re excited to begin a new chapter of MMA in the Empire State. #MMA2NY https://t.co/19NZ2M1Zv3

Senator Bob Casey (D) @SenBobCasey

It has been 1 month since the President did his job nominated Chief Judge Garland to SCOTUS. It's time for the Senate to #DoYourJob

Rep. Hank Johnson (D) @RepHankJohnson

RT @DemSpring: "Out here on the streets ya'll are doing the work to make change happen. This rainbow of people"- @RepHankJohnson https://t.co/dqUz3COUoG

Lloyd Doggett (D) @RepLloydDoggett

I am participating in the insightful @HouseDemocrats hearing on poverty-Watch the along here https://t.co/t5wqd7ht8q https://t.co/y7NklPRNpq

Dutch Ruppersberger (D) @Call_Me_Dutch

I was able to meet + thank sailors from MD aboard @aircraftcarrier @USSHARRYSTRUMANthe during my trip last month! https://t.co/dSGQiceeqj

Charles Rangel (D) @cbrangel

All living creatures deserve life free of cruelty. Proud to join @HumaneSociety to care 4 our furry friends! https://t.co/iHyqdmPisY

John Gregg (D) @GreggForGov

Glad to meet with the hardworking members of the Service Employees International Union today in Indy! https://t.co/YdhhmkplyE

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