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Rick Nolan (D) @RickNolanMN

RT @mattyglesias: The main anti-Trump arguments (con man, fake conservative, incipient dictator) make zero sense if you’re voting for him in November.

Rick Nolan (D) @RickNolanMN

RT @mattyglesias: By contrast it’s perfectly reasonable for Sanders to say Clinton is less left than he’d like but still more left than a Republican.

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Robin Kelly (D) @Robin42CD

RT @HollyLeoFriends: 1860,1940,Now FDR was Democratic Socialist Made the MiddleClass Grow Economy 1960-80 Golden Age 1980 Reagan Kill MC https://t.co/YjuG3CAwQ5

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Kyrsten Sinema (D) @kyrstensinema

Celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth. Share our graphic of #AZ09's Carolyn Warner, a leading #Arizona education advocate. https://t.co/u3GV528Izl

Senator Patty Murray (D) @PattyMurray

The Texas clinic shutdown law has no place in the 21st century → https://t.co/uOAhjIgyFe #StopTheSham

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Tim Walz (D) @Tim_Walz

RT @MinnesotaCLE: Dr. Terry Morrow on the Art of Legal Argument - Webcast Friday, March 18th https://t.co/zBkrBDwQDx

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Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) @SenatorCantwell

The Sikh temple vandalized in Spokane last night joins a growing # of attacks that threaten the very fabric of our society #EndIslamophobia

Rep. Jim McGovern (D) @RepMcGovern

So grateful to all the federal employees helping #Flint families, working tirelessly on #FlintWaterCrisis recovery. https://t.co/NyacD0RjmT

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