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Al McAffrey (D) @AlMcAffrey

Thanks to our volunteer of the week, Steve, for coming by this morning and calling perspective voters! #Im4AL http://t.co/5QilYPY2F4

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Michael Wager (D) @MichaelWager14

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
I spent the morning greeting voters at the wonderful Mentor City Fest parade! http://t.co/6G9YgoblwO

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Rep. Bill Enyart (D) @RepBillEnyart

A big thanks to Abbey for her hospitality at the St. Nicholas Brew Pub in #DuQuoin! http://t.co/FohtBmCq4S

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Dick Durbin (D) @DickDurbin

We had a great crowd here in #Carbondale for #DayOfAction. Thank you, everyone, who came out across… http://t.co/zisyxycjMf

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Rep. Joe Garcia (D) @RepJoeGarcia

22 years ago #hurricaneandrew hit Miami. Share your ideas for #hurricane related legislation http://t.co/YYzgyMPIik http://t.co/epDmKdjRos

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Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Today's the 50th anniversary of Fanni Lou Hamer's famous #votingrights speech after being jailed & beaten in Winona. http://t.co/YP8rT5S5Zl

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Rocky Lara (D) @Lara4NewMexico

RT @DWStweets: And watch out, @BadNewsBabes1, I've already recruited @Lara4NewMexico to play on the Members' @CWSoftballGame team!

Rocky Lara (D) @Lara4NewMexico

RT @UKinUSA: Commemorating the 200th anniversary of burning the White House. Only sparklers this time! http://t.co/QIDBQTBmmL

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Rep. Jim Costa (D) @RepJimCosta

My thoughts and prayers are with all those in the Bay Area who were affected by the earthquake.

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