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Shayan For Congress (D) @shayan4congress

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I pray for the family of James Foley. This is not Islam, this is murder. These murderers will one day answer to God for their acts.

Mark Dayton (D) @Mark_Dayton

For #TBT, we're taking you back to 1965. @tinaflintsmith is in the middle b/w her parents and brothers. http://t.co/1CP8i7ntIS

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Braley for Iowa (D) @TeamBraley

"Bruce Braley is fighting for veterans everyday in Congress. That's without question." http://t.co/Px8LuMEfxJ #IAsen

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Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

RT @NYSDEC: DEC onsite overseeing cleanup of approx 100 gal spill on Global property in Port of Albany; 10 ft diameter area affected- no impact to river

Paul Clements (D) @Clem4Congress

RT @SenSanders: We cannot let the extreme right-wing ideology in the House prevail. http://t.co/I5HLt2mZee

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