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Scott Peters (D) @ScottPetersSD

RT @RuthMarcus: Would John Roberts ride again to Obamacare's rescue? Don't count on it. http://t.co/o2Sr8bTyek

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MurielBowser (D) @MurielBowser

Good Morning Silver line. Proud to represent us at the opening activities for the new Metro extension. http://t.co/ufcimutpoe

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Governor Mark Dayton (D) @GovMarkDayton

Governor Dayton celebrates Civic Saturday by reading to kids and their families at the Minnesota Children's Museum http://t.co/uaPKFkBpqY

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Rep. Dan Kildee (D) @RepDanKildee

Tell the #DoNothingGOP -- get to work putting the #MiddleClassFirst instead of taking an undeserved five-week recess! http://t.co/k3nwXXoP0a

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Senator Dick Durbin (D) @SenatorDurbin

Spoke at the @JusticeDotOrg national conference today in Baltimore about equal justice & fairness in the legal system

Ron Wyden (D) @RonWyden

.@pural_truth’s @nytopinion post highlighting the “backdoor-search loophole” problem: http://t.co/qPSdSOhrGd

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Braley for Iowa (D) @TeamBraley

Seldon from Huxley, has seen first hand how important SS & Medicare are for seniors: http://t.co/IXvfR6JloY #IAsen http://t.co/CrWzyYLc2V

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Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

After the House finished voting, @TulsiPress stopped by #BeattyTeleTownHall to Aloha to my constituents. http://t.co/Acx5orZYqU

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