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Nan Rich (D) @senatornanrich

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.@MiamiHerald Better off no one defends this terrible law! #lgbt #DOMA http://t.co/2JicfNFrSI

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Michael Wager (D) @MichaelWager14

Thx to all that joined us for the opening of our campaign offices in Solon. Special thx to Councilman Ed Kraus for his warm Solon welcome!

Hakeem Jeffries (D) @RepJeffries

Enjoyed spending time at the #HowardBeach Senior Center discussing storm recovery efforts (& hitting the dance floor) http://t.co/uq5lP0Lx84

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Erin McClelland (D) @ErinforPA

Congress has long-neglected our federal Highway Trust Fund. My thoughts here: http://t.co/xR4IuwQRSS

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Frederica Wilson (D) @RepWilson

RT @AfAmEducation: We're sharing lessons from Miami, FL roundtable on supporting #BMOC follow #AfAmEdChat to join us & @HispanicEd @RepWilson @WhiteHouseAIAN

Richard Blumenthal (D) @SenBlumenthal

I welcome the President's appointment of Rob Nabor to oversee the VA as a vital urgent step in this investigation: http://t.co/mvritdixSv

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Governor Chafee (D) @LincolnChafee

RT @RIHEALTH: Director of Health Issues Decision on CVS Application to Operate MinuteClinics in Rhode Island: Michael D. Fin... http://t.co/6awDHRrRmn

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Mary Landrieu (D) @MaryLandrieu

RT @DTinkisGoodwill: @MaryLandrieu Great meeting today with Senator Landrieu's office. Thanks for supporting Goodwill and more jobs for Louisiana!

Mark Udall (D) @MarkUdall2014

RT @TeamUdall: NEWS: Mark Udall, Maggie Fox, Women for Udall Recognize National Women’s Health Week http://t.co/XsWIfnVtrG #cosen #copolitics #NWHW

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