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Rep. Kurt Schrader (D) @RepSchrader

RT @TPM: The teen pregnancy rate is lower than before Roe v. Wade: http://t.co/Jq8bE3mo7d http://t.co/P5zy8Dbyn8

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Sandy Levin (D) @repsandylevin

"House GOP may have denied the unemployed a vote, but they cannot deny them their voices" - http://t.co/5Qa33h2jsL

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Bill Keating (D) @USRepKeating

Looking forward to a big effort and win from @NHLbruins tonight! Go Bruins!

Rep. Keith Ellison (D) @keithellison

Passage of the Money Remittances Improvement Act makes it easier for new Americans to send money to loved ones: http://t.co/rZVOfMra2P

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Erin McClelland (D) @ErinforPA

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Less than 2 wks until the primary. My team & I are firing on all cylinders to bring #RealFamilyValues to Congress. http://t.co/SKJOMgakWx

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Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

RT @kyleveazey: 23 of 23 precincts have reported in District 10, and Reginald Milton wins with 26 more votes than Martavius Jones.

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (D) @repmarkpocan

I'll be on w/@WeGotEd at 10:40am CT talking about why we must #RaiseTheWage. Listen live: http://t.co/2CmoUYZ6K4 #TopProg #p2 #1010Means

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John Conyers (D) @RepJohnConyers

"This amendment does not give the NSA any powers it does not already have" @RepJerryNadler #HR3361 #USAFreedomAct #endbulkcollection

Rep. Jim Costa (D) @RepJimCosta

RT @SmarterFuels: .@RepJimCosta "Over 40% of corn goes towards #ethanol. The debate is over. The #RFS is not sustainable." #EthanolFailed

Neal Marchbanks (D) @NealMarchbanks

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Come out and here a message of real change for #TX19 https://t.co/SqXQGq9kb1 #MarchForward

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