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Michael Cole (D) @MKCforCongress

@VoteThmOut2014 will find out after May primary.

Erin McClelland (D) @ErinforPA

“... if you look at most of our problems, they’re decades and decades in the making, administration after... http://t.co/k623zs77yf

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Erin McClelland (D) @ErinforPA

Erin McClelland on our broken political system: “Nobody holds them accountable for having solutions anymore.... http://t.co/h4HHv514Ut

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John Hickenlooper (D) @hickforco

"If making money were a function of analysis, the whole world would be run by 28-year-old M.B.A.s. But it isn’t." http://t.co/6TdfccmYQH

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Congressman Tim Ryan (D) @RepTimRyan

Great to meet with Niles JFK 8th graders last week at the Capitol http://t.co/SMgDakWktj

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Senator Joe Manchin (D) @Sen_JoeManchin

RT @HonJohnBaird: Met with Senators @Sen_JoeManchin and @RoyBlunt this morning to discuss the importance of Keystone XL #EnergyPartners http://t.co/sdXGDkkdF1

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