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Rep. Dan Kildee (D) @RepDanKildee

@Kevitar thanks Kevin. Good to hear from you.

Erin McClelland (D) @ErinforPA

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
America lay in the depths of the Great Depression when President Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn into office in... http://t.co/AKvbRVXvHJ

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ReElect Hank (D) @ReElectHank

I want to encourage all students in the 4th District to consider applying for the annu http://t.co/iaPx38AhGQ... http://t.co/2hM8UfimfD

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Mark Takano (D) @RepMarkTakano

RT @JonRSantiago: The Indiana Marriage Equality ban will not be on the 2014 ballot. However, it's better to prepare now rather than later for 2016.

Jim Langevin (D) @jimlangevin

Families have struggled too much and for too long #RaiseTheWage http://t.co/xsE3OogkrN

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Rep. Jared Polis (D) @RepJaredPolis

Just bought my tickets to @emanc at the Tally Ho Tuesday Feb 18th! #TallyHoTheatre http://t.co/Jw1Uc1F0rC

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Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D) @SenatorBaldwin

PHOTO: Tammy visited Domtar's paper mill in Rothschild to talk about its role in a #MadeInWi economy. http://t.co/4Xb1lAEBwF

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David E. Price (D) @RepDavidEPrice

ICYMI-A @nytimes editorial calls for reigning in corrosive super PACs by passing my Empowering Citizens Act. #ncpol http://t.co/cIyo9saxJJ

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Rep. Dan Kildee (D) @RepDanKildee

RT @MiAfterSchool: Kildee is speaking about a 3 bill package he will be introducing in Congress next week to increase access to after-school. #miafterschool

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