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Deval Patrick (D) @DevalPatrick

The effects of #climatechange not only effects lives, it effects livelihoods #TheWholeState @MassGovernor @MassEMA @massEEA @MassEOHED

Michael McKenna (D) @Mike_McKenna1

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Rep. Joe Garcia (D) @RepJoeGarcia

Esta noche a las 6:30p hablo con @telemundo sobre la #reformamigratoria y la importancia de tomar accion este aqo. Sintoniza!

Adam Schiff (D) @RepAdamSchiff

RT @evanlgeorge: NSA reform, minor makeover or total shake-up? Our conversation w/ @NewAmerica @RepAdamSchiff, @RyanLizza http://t.co/vjygMyEKQA

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Joe Garcia (D) @JoeGarcia

Hoy, a las 6:30 PM converso con @Telemundo sobre el futuro de la #reformamigratoria en 2014. Sintoniza! http://t.co/I2ksNGvW9C

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Kevin Strouse (D) @StrouseForPA

Great meeting @NicholasKalams at the Pennridge Political Discussion Club last night, great group! http://t.co/bLnBahX3bm

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Chuck Schumer (D) @SenSchumer

Here in the US, NY’s own @RepSeanMaloney will marry his longtime partner, their daughter’s Christmas wish. Congrats! http://t.co/gPN8EpyFRi

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Erin McClelland (D) @ErinforPA

Keystone Politics says "the odds are disturbingly high that PA will have an all-male House delegation in the... http://t.co/rJoljd3HNx

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Erin McClelland (D) @ErinforPA

Growing up, we all learned that when your neighbors are struggling, you lend them a hand because you know they... http://t.co/pj4JWYH7T8

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U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan (D) @USRepRickNolan

Braved yesterday's rain for a shot in front of the Dome w Jennifer, Erick, & Wyatt. Thx for paying me a visit! http://t.co/qXosbWsPCh

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