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Senator Tim Kaine (D) @timkaine

This week, the House voted to slash food assistance to poor families & defund the ACA. My statement here: http://t.co/nW2RZfZoBi

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Carl Sciortino (D) @carlsciortino

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
RT @weeksbr1: @keithellison Hey #MA5, people like @JoeDunn8 are exactly why it's so important we send #progressive leaders like @carlsciortino to Congress

Ann McLane Kuster (D) @RepAnnieKuster

Had a great roundtable on climate change this morning in Nashua! Thanks to all who attended. We must #ActOnClimate http://t.co/cGJLk0U13E

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Mike Ross (D) @MikeRossUpdates

@TammyDragon @HollyUpdates Me too! Thanks for all your hard work and help.

Marcia L. Fudge (D) @RepMarciaFudge

RT @CelebrateNVRD: What helps make the US a leading democracy? Our voting system. Make sure you’re ready to vote! http://t.co/xFV1toyvDU #CelebrateNVRD

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Jerry McNerney (D) @RepMcNerney

Sharing my remarks on the #Bracero Program at the Smithsonian's exhibit displayed at #UoP in #Stockton

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Rep. Terri A. Sewell (D) @RepTerriSewell

Americans Oppose House GOP's Obamacare Strategy http://t.co/sTCAl69cpL

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