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Jared Polis (D) @jaredpolis

oh boy, it's raining again. Hopefully short-lived. #coloradoflood #boulderflood http://t.co/s143WpJrlI

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Carl Sciortino (D) @carlsciortino

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
"Our 3 Strikes Bill in MA is not life in prison, I fought to allow judicial discretion, narrow the bill to apply to violent offenses" #ma5

Gerry Connolly (D) @GerryConnolly

RT @gaburke: Rep Peter Deutch at #NPCbee100: "Who knew @GerryConnolly was so funny? It was worth coming tonight."

Grace Meng (D) @RepGraceMeng

FAA wants to increase airplane noise!!! http://t.co/UbTch28n18

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Lois Capps (D) @RepLoisCapps

This week is National Health IT Week. Health information technology improves the quality of care, decreases... http://t.co/XjhuWg7Aop

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Rep.George Miller (D) @askgeorge

#SNAP kept more than 2 million kids out of poverty in 2011. Instead of working to #EndHungerNow, House R's voted to cut nearly $40 billion.

Rep.George Miller (D) @askgeorge

Nearly 4 million seniors enrolled making an average income of under $10k rely on #SNAP. House R's just voted to cut $40 billion from program

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

RT @joshuadubois: Will be on #cbcfalc13 panel on fatherhood with @EleanorNorton & @VerySmartBros today at 3:30. If you're here, come by!

Booker for Senate (D) @Booker4Senate

Join us in #JerseyCity tomorrow with special guests Mayor @StevenFulop and Chicago Mayor @RahmEmanuel! http://t.co/jU4Xk1PpFE #Booker4Senate

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