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Sheila Jackson Lee (D) @JacksonLeeTX18

What do you think about the doubling of student loan rates? Also, you can tweets your thoughts to me @JacksonLeeTX18 using #dontdoublemyrate

Joe Garcia (D) @JoeGarcia

Join me for a discussion about #studentloans this Saturday afternoon @FIU's Graham Center! http://t.co/SfAtzxdqRI

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Sandy Levin (D) @repsandylevin

Pleased that the Senate HELP cmte pass #ENDA. The workplace is no place for discrimination against #LGBT #Equality http://t.co/Xi1Kbn56Yp

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Rep. John Tierney (D) @RepTierney

RT @sarahcopper: BEYOND excited to see Paul McCartney on Friday w/ @LAK12384 @mattywarsh @BrianBrothman (and some high powered lawyer who isn't on twitter)!!

Frederica Wilson (D) @RepWilson

Congresswoman Wilson Fights for inclusion of: http://t.co/NeDDdoiPG2 via @YouTube

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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D) @repcleaver

RT @RepMarciaFudge: Watch #CSPAN Happening now. I will lead CBC in protest on the House Floor against GOP effort to ram thru a farm bill without SNAP

Marcia L. Fudge (D) @RepMarciaFudge

http://t.co/IlJL1bpOGZ I'm on the Floor, getting ready to speak, won't abandon America's poor and hungry. Watch live @Cspan

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Sheila Jackson Lee (D) @JacksonLeeTX18

RT @RepMarciaFudge: @officialcbc recognizes stakes in the GOP Farm bill -leave hungry children behind while proceeding w. farm subsidies http://t.co/rPksiHm7Ze

Rosa DeLauro (D) @rosadelauro

RT @soccerreform: @WhipHoyer It's time to re-embrace economic fairness. Without it, we keep sliding right.

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