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Kathy Hochul (D) @RepKathyHochul

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Today,I sent a letter to the organizers of Farm Aid with Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Schumer, Rep. Higgins, and Rep.... http://t.co/5wYZeVfL

Kathy Hochul (D) @RepKathyHochul

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RT @SoNeilYoung: Pitch made to land Farm Aid concert - Buffalo News: Pitch made to land Farm Aid concertBuffalo NewsWA... http://t.co/UOJzfWhv #NeilYoung

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D) @RepLynnWoolsey

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#Smallbiz looking to develop & sell #green tech? Gov't resources here: http://t.co/1A7Kd7aG

Bill Owens (D) @BillOwensNY

from @newzjunky Owens: merge Threatened Post Offices with Rural Businesses http://t.co/FebQSIZh

Yvette D. Clarke (D) @YvetteClarke

Are you a Veteran interested in opening or exapnding a small business? Join me tomorrow at a small business forum. http://t.co/BVB1Nf4j

Sen. Robert Menendez (D) @SenatorMenendez

I will be on @MSNBC with @TheRevAL at 6pm then heading over to @CNBC’s @KudlowReport. Will talk about this week in the #Senate. Tune in

Yvette D. Clarke (D) @YvetteClarke

Those who sacrificed life and limb,

Kathy Hochul (D) @RepKathyHochul

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Today, I hosted a Small Business Export Forum for our local businesses. Let's give our small businesses the... http://t.co/k4BjAqoA

Pedro Pierluisi (D) @pedropierluisi

FOTOS - Compartiendo con inmigrantes @ clases de ciudadanía americana en la UMET

Gerry Connolly (D) @GerryConnolly

Newt's statement that Palestinians are "an invented people" reckless,harmful to US foreign policy and shows he's unfit for the office

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