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Joe Garcia (D) @JoeGarcia

RT @viakrm: WATCH @JoeGarcia-our economy, moral compass & 60k kids in border camps requires action #TimeIsNow #TNTweeters https://t.co/hys6Xnvi6k

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Jeanne Shaheen (D) @JeanneShaheen

This bill keeps our promise to veterans: that they will have access to the care they need. http://t.co/2NPZktGzZO http://t.co/AbYp8nh3sC

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Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D) @RepBetoORourke

RT @Mosh_Lives: @RepBetoORourke Vote no on any funding to the Iron Dome or to Israel. Stop funding atrocities.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D) @McGovernMA

Last stop on the summer house party tour is Amherst! If you're in the Pioneer Valley join us for a fun night! #mapoli http://t.co/2727IfIM94

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Mary Landrieu (D) @MaryLandrieu

Sen. Landrieu helps to take a big step in the right direction to properly serve Louisiana's vets --> http://t.co/dF2g9arVnr #LaSen

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Ben Ray Lujan (D) @repbenraylujan

RT @HouseDemocrats: WATCH LIVE @ 12PM ET: House Democrats will hold a press conference on the child migrant humanitarian situation. http://t.co/IZeEZPssU3

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Alejandro (D) @agarciapadilla

RT @AEMEAD1: DACO: Omite congelación de precios a los artículos de primera necesidad.

Rep. Andy Barr (R) @RepAndyBarr

I posted 10 photos on Facebook in the album "Kentuckians in the Captiol" http://t.co/Yb5zMbcfPu

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Thomas Ravenel (I) @Thomasravenel

The more Graham's minions attack me the more $ I'm resolved to spend to defend our freedoms.

Thomas Ravenel (I) @Thomasravenel

Just found out Tom Ervin lives in a glass house as he won't do business with any vendor associated with my campaign.

Peter Vivaldi (R) @vivaldicongress

Politwoops no longer follows this account.

MurielBowser (D) @MurielBowser

Thank you @CM_McDuffie for your endorsement. With you support, I’m ready to re-energize our city. The District’s time is now. #DCision14

Matt Salmon (R) @RepMattSalmon

While I believed that today's border bill made a number of positive changes, I support their efforts as well. http://t.co/wZLIkwerdH

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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D) @repcleaver

There are people, it seems, who have come to Washington just to disrupt government. They want to disrupt and destruct. #hardball

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D) @repcleaver

One Member can sicken our entire body politic. #hardball

Suzanne Bonamici (D) @RepBonamici

RT @frankthorpNBC: House Rules Cmte will meet today at 5:30pm to give the House same-day authority to allow bills to be considered quicker than normal

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