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Rep. Steve Womack (R) @rep_stevewomack

Great to see Steve and Lata Lovell in Eureka Springs.

Luis Fortuño (R) @luisfortuno51

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Hoy estaré en vivo en el programa de Jesús Manuel Torres por Radio Redentor 104.1FM desde las 3:30 PM. Accede a http://t.co/FNKxWYLc.

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Raul Labrador (R) @Labrador4Idaho

@slfisher @ericcantor @580kido he flies in before the event tomorrow. The interview was a call in.

George Allen (R) @georgeallenva

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RT @NRSC: Instead of focusing on jobs for Virginians, @TimKaine championed Obama's agenda for the failed Stimulus. WATCH: http://t.co/oSNFBNkX #VASen

Rep. Keith Ellison (D) @keithellison

Loving @joyreid on Alex Wagner's show rt . now.

Keith Fitzgerald (D) @GoFitzGo

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RT @MRMasferrer: Former Sen Bob Graham, former Gov Charlie Crist in Sarasota to give a boost to Keith Fitzgerald @gofitzgo in race vs @VernBuchanan

Raul Labrador (R) @Labrador4Idaho

Majority Leader @EricCantor LIVE in 5 minutes on Idaho's @580KIDO with Kevin Miller talkin #romneyryan2012 and Idaho!...

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Chaka Fattah (D) @chakafattah

I'm sure GOP/FOX willing trash Mitt Romney with in minutes of this election coming to a end on Nov 6.They are blame him for the loss.

Jerry Brown (D) @JerryBrownGov

MT - you mean did @gilduran76: Seems the SF Giants are doing to the Cardinals what Obama just did to Romney. #debate2012 #SFGiants

Betty Sutton (D) @BettySutton

Chatting with Dan Carroll of @whbsnews channel 19 after talking to the voters of #OH16 in Parma Heights. http://t.co/893bTD2r

Betty Sutton (D) @BettySutton

Chatting with @FOX19DanC after our interview. Thanks @FOX19 for the opportunity to talk to the people of #OH16. http://t.co/I1oKSOjb

Rick Berg (R) @RickBergND

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I am proud to receive the endorsement of the North Dakota Farm Bureau. I will always support ND producers: http://t.co/5no6F4RO #NDSen

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McHenry for Congress (R) @McHenryCampaign

He just said "listen" - Obama listens to people???? Not just David Axelrod? #debates

Steve Pearce (R) @Pearce4NM

922,000 people out of work in NM last month…#wherearethejobsmrpresident?

Team Romney (R) @TeamRomney

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.@BarackObama’s inaction has left a “human tragedy” in Syria, with an estimated death toll exceeding 30,000. #CantAffrd4More

Tony Strickland (R) @TonyStrickland

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RT @JoeDJustin: 2 weeks after other dem candidates get in district visits @JuliaBrownley finally gets Bill Clinton's endorsement but travels by bus 2 get.

Joe Garcia (D) @JoeGarcia

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It was an interesting discussion. We tried to keep the focus on families, children, and education, especially... http://t.co/rM4xCHvq

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