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Gov. Buddy Roemer (R) @BuddyRoemer

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RT @jkrwld: #WhyThisNationIsInDecline because lobbying is an accepted, promoted and socially acceptable form of corruption we continue to allow.

Gov. Buddy Roemer (R) @BuddyRoemer

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RT @FemaleO: Vote for Vermin Supreme. Ponies for everyone!!

Mazie Hirono (D) @maziehirono

Want to lose any weight? go here: http://t.co/w7qePJ78 best product for losing weight.

Senator Dick Durbin (D) @SenatorDurbin

Increased federal funding is helping @ACCIONChicago double maximum #microloan to $50k for #smallbusinesses ready to expand & create #jobs.

Gov. Buddy Roemer (R) @BuddyRoemer

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RT @OpenSecretsDC: Get the latest money and politics news in your inbox every Thursday: Sign up for our newsletter http://t.co/GP9cFbI9

Gov. Buddy Roemer (R) @BuddyRoemer

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Interesting. Google lists Michele Bachman, but not me. I must be "other." http://t.co/FMrtqQri

Kathy Hochul (D) @RepKathyHochul

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Tomorrow, I will be hosting a "Congress On Your Corner" at the Churchville Village Office at 23 East Buffalo St.... http://t.co/AVUPpIlC

Rep. Phil Gingrey,MD (R) @RepPhilGingrey

Congratulations to this year’s ‘Race to the Top’ grant winners. What a wonderful accomplishment! http://t.co/qZmQUs0Y

Judy Chu (D) @RepJudyChu

10th Circuit Court ruling on unconstitutional Sharia ban is a #civilrights victory! @CAIR http://t.co/6kRPwt2x

Rep Donna F Edwards (D) @repdonnaedwards

I'll be on @myfoxdc tomorrow morning to discuss priorities for 2012. Hope you can tune in!

John Conyers (D) @repjohnconyers

RT @OfficialCBC: Rep. John Conyers @repjohnconyers and Senator Edward Brooke first introduced legislature to create #MLK day in 1979 but fell 5 votes short

US Rep. Mike Turner (R) @RepMikeTurner

The Shuster Center is packed for the @daytonregion Annual Meeting. #jobs #OhioGOP

Todd Akin (R) @ToddAkin

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I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/8yNbemAO Akin Update - KTRS Debate

Virginia Foxx (R) @virginiafoxx

Had a great day in Alexander County visiting w/ constituents. Great turn out 4 the Taylorsville home school event. Will post pictures soon.

Richard Blumenthal (D) @SenBlumenthal

Blumenthal & @jahimes in Norwalk #CT for a contract signing of the #HUD grant for accessible assisted living units http://t.co/MVkXa5TS

Judy Biggert (R) @JudyBiggert

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Photo from my visit with NRG Logistics to discuss their work on fuel efficiency and emissions reduction in diesel engines

Mike Pence (R) @GovPenceIN

Enjoyed visiting w/ local IN mayors & talking about how to partner together to create jobs http://t.co/XZ4WARE9 http://t.co/0krYL4WL

Gary Peters (D) @RepGaryPeters

At 10:30am I will hold a press conference at Pontiac City Hall to discuss how Pontiac's Emergency Manager mismanaged Pontiac federal funding

Rep. Tim Griffin (R) @RepTimGriffin

I will be on @TodaysTHV at 6:40 a.m. CT tomorrow, so be sure to tune in! #ar2 #KXL

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