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Ann Wagner (R) @RepAnnWagner

I'm so incredibly proud of all that Meghan is doing, and I very proud to represent young people like her in Congress! http://t.co/SXyQVnZDkn

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John Shimkus (R) @RepShimkus

Speaking to a U.S. History class at Wabash Valley College in Mt. Carmel this morning. http://t.co/p5W9Xfe5ey

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Denny Heck (D) @RepDennyHeck

RT @MadiganHealth: Last day to pre-register for the #Madigan #BabyFair! Open to ALL TRICARE beneficiaries. http://t.co/UdIavGhvSo

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Senator Rand Paul (R) @RandPaul

Governor Bush apparently gave Mitt Romney a "third time's a charm" bracelet: http://t.co/PRhqiKLFRr

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Senator Rand Paul (R) @RandPaul

Mitt Romney will pass along a "common core" friendship band to Jeb Bush: http://t.co/ZXC2jAFYeJ

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Louie Gohmert (R) @replouiegohmert

America is 1 of only 7 nations that allow elective abortion after 5 months. We can do better http://t.co/GVspZjWyZc #theyfeelpain #HR36

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Marcy Kaptur (D) @RepMarcyKaptur

W/parts made in OH, 1st-ever overseas shipment of US-made @FordMustang headed to Asia @Ford @UAW #MadeAcrossAmerica http://t.co/F4YkQ5nJbb

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Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

Women are still not treated equally to men in society. We must pass the full 10-point Women's Equality Act. http://t.co/cYL8ijxnMl

Sen. McConnell Press (R) @McConnellPress

#tbt: January 2009, Senator Mitch McConnell Honors Senator Wendell Ford on @SenateFloor http://t.co/gYbeL6R6mx #Kentucky

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Senator Rand Paul (R) @RandPaul

RT @PeterHambyCNN: TV SOTU audience: 31.7 million. Combined YouTube star reach: 32.6 million. Different kinds of engagement, obviously, but bracing nonetheless

Gerry Connolly (D) @GerryConnolly

RT @nbcwashington: "In my entire coaching career, I have never talked to any player or staff member about football air pressure."- #Patriots Coach Belichick.

John Conyers (D) @RepJohnConyers

On the 42nd anniversary of #RoevWade,@HouseGOP recklessly panders to pro-choice marchers by swapping #antichoice abortion messaging bills.

MichelleLujanGrisham (D) @RepLujanGrisham

I proudly respect the personal decisions of women and their families and will continue to fight to #StopHR7 and other bills like it.

Roger Williams (R) @RogerWilliamsTX

I am pleased to join @MarkDavis tomorrow morning at 8:30 CST where I'll be discussing my plan for real tax reform. http://t.co/gIgz8FSnox

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Kelly Ayotte (R) @KellyAyotte

Dr Brezezinski before SASC comm says we need to provide defensive weaponry to Ukraine,to NOT do so increases Russias temptatioon to escalate

Sen. James Lankford (R) @SenatorLankford

RT @AlyceMetallo: Here they are, Ladies & Gentlemen, The HistoryMakers: Will Hurd, Mia Love & Tim Scott! http://t.co/dKnFByFfo5

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Sen. James Lankford (R) @SenatorLankford

RT @HtfdRepRising: Mia Love speaking about refusing to fit a mold. Encouraged making decisions for ourselves and reclaiming our rights http://t.co/Tslk2vZ7l3

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