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Scott DesJarlais (R) @DesJarlaisTN04

RT @dmataconis: Brian Schatz will be the first non Asian-American to represent Hawaii in the Senate.

Donna Christensen (D) @DelegateDonna

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Mr VP Its real sacrifice,service giving up pvt time in beautiful St Croix to save mid class tax cuts,unemployment, Medicare pymnts Thank You

Ander Crenshaw (R) @AnderCrenshaw

Honored to be named to chair Financial Services Appropriations Subcommittee for 113th Congress. @sayfiewrevieshttp://tinyurl.com/b9zb378

Senator John Thune (R) @SenJohnThune

RT @petermaercbs: Sen. John Thune (R-SD): "We have twittled our thumbs for month after month after month... now we're sitting here on New Year's Eve.

Senator John Thune (R) @SenJohnThune

RT @SunlenMiller: Frusterated Sen.Thune on the Senate floor:"can we not let this happen again?...we ought to function like the US Senate used to function."

Senator John Thune (R) @SenJohnThune

RT @ChadPergram: Thune: I just find it hard to sit and listen and wring there hands saying gee wiz I hope we get something done today when. #fiscalcliff

Senator John Thune (R) @SenJohnThune

RT @markknoller: Thune says even if Pres Obama gets all the tax increases he wants, it would fund the govt for less than a week.

Senator John Thune (R) @SenJohnThune

RT @markknoller: "Government doesn't tax too little," Thune tells Senate, "it spends too much."

Senator John Boozman (R) @JohnBoozman

The Senate is in session today working on a solution to protect Americans against looming tax cuts and avoid the fiscal cliff.

Rob Portman (R) @senrobportman

Back to DC tomorrow to resume fiscal cliff talks. If you have questions or comments, my office is open tomorrow from noon - 5pm

Dan Bongino (R) @dbongino

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@chirimoyaKris thanks a lot. It going to be an interesting year.

Governor Walker (R) @GovWalker

Coffee makes day after Christmas a bit like the day before. http://t.co/FXc5D1cJ

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Team Rick Perry (R) @TeamRickPerry

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@BenStratmann is there bourbon in that sippy cup?

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Scott Peters (D) @ScottPetersSD

Merry Christmas to Byron and the politwoops crew

Joe Garcia (D) @JoeGarcia

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Want to know at what time Santa will make his way down to South Florida tonight? Head on over and "Like" our... http://t.co/nGIZW5Cl

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Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) @kaybaileyhutch

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Wishing President Bush 43 a good recovery and that he can go home soon!

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