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((David Cicilline)) (D) @davidcicilline

Congratulations to @jgebbia on launch of your new innovative global design studio: https://t.co/xa3eoKngzq https://t.co/vTnR90u5Lt

Tom Reed (R) @RepTomReed

RT @_gseid: Hi @RepTomReed we had a nice time today with Alex, Don, and Logan! Thanks for the tour! https://t.co/InWv55TvvK

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Sheila Jackson Lee (D) @JacksonLeeTX18

You keep up the good work! @MrDavidJohns Very proud of all your hard work. https://t.co/s8YPKrZia9

Mark Meadows (R) @RepMarkMeadows

Unacceptable--the #IRS continues using its powerful agency to silence freedom, and no one is held accountable. https://t.co/wS3NgrPShK

Brian Schatz (D) @brianschatz

@realDonaldTrump wants to ban immigration from Philippines. This is racist. Filipino Americans help make America great! Sad!

Rick Larsen (D) @larsenrick

Visiting the Island County Dems Booth at the Whidbey Island Fair https://t.co/3gm6tgyJAc

Paul Ryan (R) @SpeakerRyan

RT @HouseGOP: We're fighting for a #BetterWay. Learn more about our plan here https://t.co/6eEbAGhHPN

Rep Donna F Edwards (D) @repdonnaedwards

@VRAmatters @RepDelBene @splcenter - I always keep in mind that my grandmother didn't have the full right to vote until the #VRA became law.

Barbara Comstock (R) @BarbaraComstock

Celebrated the opening of @JacksRunBrewing a veteran run small business in Purcellville. #VA10 https://t.co/fh4meugG3L

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

RT @GreenPartyUS: The Green Party platform is passed with an overwhelming majority. #GNCinHOU https://t.co/dHwFyyPevB

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

Matt Funiciello: "Sanders supporters are told to support the lesser evil. I'm just thinking, which one is that?" @MFuniciello2014 #GNCinHOU

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

RT @latimes: An op-ed by Bernie Sanders: I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me https://t.co/lhBL5omlky https://t.co/e0pTCfjm1D

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D) @RepSwalwell

Why show his face or print his name? "Police heroes kill bigoted terrorist would have been fine." #DisarmHate https://t.co/eQDt7cCIoW

Alex Mooney (R) @MooneyforWV

The Obama-Clinto economy has been devastating to West Virginia families! We don't need a third term of @BarackObama! #TrumpPence16 #wvpol

Louise Slaughter (D) @VoteLouiseNY

MT @NYSAFLCIO Thank you @VoteLouiseNY for your continued commitment to stopping the TPP trade deal! #StopTheTPP https://t.co/EAvGd5cCSK

Louise Slaughter (D) @VoteLouiseNY

On Wednesday, the First Genesis Baptist Church graciously opened their doors and allowed me to meet with pastors... https://t.co/AEZsQjrxjj

Billy Long (R) @auctnr1

RT @nbcwashington: Teen arrested for murdering two counselors in Prince William County, police say https://t.co/Jj64h4Y0c9

Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

@ReElectCohen thanks for all your votes. I'm blessed to have the best&most supportive constituents & supportive friends #TennVotes #Memphis

Senator Rubio Press (R) @SenRubioPress

Proud of all American athletes competing in the Olympics, especially the 39 Floridians at #Rio2016. Go #TeamUSA!

Gina Raimondo (D) @GinaRaimondo

Who better to represent the #OceanState in sailing for the @Olympics than two Rhode Islanders? Good luck Louisa Chafee + Stu McNay!

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

@Mondiablue We're in the Student Center South building, across from the Hilton.

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

RT @RockChalkSpence: @DrJillStein You and @GovGaryJohnson should work together to stream live debates between you two on @facebook @twitter and @YouTube

Alex Mooney (R) @MooneyforWV

As the @Olympics begin be sure to root for @WestVirginiaU's Virginia Thrasher competing in rifle for @TeamUSA #wvpol #Olympics2016

Rep. John Delaney (D) @RepJohnDelaney

No veteran should have their credit ruined because of VA mistakes. Read about my bill to prevent this #MD6 https://t.co/PF6Qp4faYG

Rep. Bill Flores (R) @RepBillFlores

The President and Senate Democrats need stop playing politics with Zika funding. https://t.co/tJDTC1uHNB

Tulsi Gabbard (D) @TulsiGabbard

What the world desperately needs right now is the spirit of aloha. This aloha is in our collective DNA as people of Hawaii

Tulsi Gabbard (D) @TulsiGabbard

What the world desperately needs right now is the spirit of aloha. This aloha is in our collective DNA as Hawaiians.

Senator Ted Cruz (R) @SenTedCruz

The accomplishments of the entire team are a testament to their hard work and extraordinary devotion https://t.co/SXY601xsOt

Senator Ted Cruz (R) @SenTedCruz

Congratulations to the 33 Texans who have earned the distinct of honor of competing at #Rio2016 https://t.co/7PhUg4v6WF

Ted Deutch (D) @TedforCongress

BDS seeks to delegitimize Israel. @HillaryClinton opposes it and speaks out against it. My op-ed on her leadership- https://t.co/vRQp8L1lBw

Senator Jeff Merkley (D) @SenJeffMerkley

RT @RockTheVote: FRIDAY: In partnership w @civilrightsorg, we're hosting a Twitter chat on the VRA! Join us Fri 12noon using #VRAChat https://t.co/Oj9eezuyA8

Louise Slaughter (D) @VoteLouiseNY

MT @NYSAFLCIO Thank you @VoteLouiseNY for your continued commitment to stopping the TPP trade deal! #StopTheTPP https://t.co/EAvGd5cCSK

U.S. Rep. Billy Long (R) @USRepLong

RT @auctnr1: Report: US airlifted $400 million to #Iran as detained Americans were released | Fox News | https://t.co/p4iwtGixY3

Senator Ben Cardin (D) @SenatorCardin

RT @nytimes: Ch-check it out: Beastie Boy Adam Yauch would have turned 52 today. Happy birthday MCA! https://t.co/CPZQsUxO1I https://t.co/V16liQMxpC

Mike Crapo (R) @crapo4senate

Happy birthday Coast Gaurd! 226 years. Thank you for making America the incredible place that it is! #coastguardday https://t.co/8GLSDgsbC0

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