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Nita Lowey (D) @NitaLowey

It was a pleasure to meet with @teixeiramark25 about importance of after school education. Go Yankees! http://t.co/QaSDCsFu

MicheleBachmann (R) @MicheleBachmann

I'm taking foreign affairs right now with @donlemonCNN. Tune in!

Senator John Boozman (R) @JohnBoozman

Excellent piece on how "The Local Courthouse Safety Ace" could help enhance security in Arkansas's smaller courthouses. http://t.co/ip6v6OqY

Judy Chu (D) @RepJudyChu

All #Women deserve access to contraception. The @HHSGov rule exempts #Churches, balancing religious #Freedom with preventative care. @PPact

Mike Quigley (D) @RepMikeQuigley

RT @PPact: Great op-ed from @RepMikeQuigley - a Catholic voice in support of Obama's birth control benefit. http://t.co/0IaiPGtd #bcrefusal

The White House (D) @WhiteHouse

RT @jearnest44: Historic effort to stand up to banks and stand up for homeowners. AP header, "Obama: deal turns page on reckless era" http://t.co/qKnGK3Kd

Ron Paul (R) @RonPaul

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
Ron Paul issue statement on Obama contraception decision: http://t.co/lg5KkJsf #gop2012 #gop #tcot #RonPaul

Lynn Westmoreland (R) @RepWestmoreland

The more duplicative laws we pass in Congress, the more power we take from the states and give to the federal govt. http://t.co/p2T8q0Nx #D

Eddie B Johnson (D) @RepEBJ

Today I voted for S 2038 "The Stock Act" Read more about the Bill here >>

Sen. Tom Coburn M.D. (R) @TomCoburn

ICYMI: on Morning Joe rejecting more govt-run healthcare#HHSmandate. We all lose when govt is this involved in our liveshttp://goo.gl/Xu945

Daniel Webster (R) @RepWebster

#HHSmandate infringes on religious freedom protected by 1st amendment. See our letter Admin urging a suspension http://t.co/Rhi5MKmV #sayfie

Senator Tim Johnson (D) @SenJohnsonSD

Watch this morning's Senate Banking hearing live here at 9 a.m. CT. http://t.co/dEgniux1

Kathy Hochul (D) @RepKathyHochul

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
Today, I urged Congress to pass a strong version of the STOCK Act, which would stop Members of Congress and the... http://t.co/k8kMyvJi

Kevin McCarthy (R) @GOPWhip

BEWARE: February 13th marks the return of the President’s Monster Budget – we have to stop it, before it’s too late: http://t.co/DnfHVuS2

Kevin McCarthy (R) @GOPWhip

WSJ: "No Budget, No Problem; Now the White House tells Senate Democrats to flout the law" - http://t.co/ibkXlMba #NoOpinion

Gov. Buddy Roemer (R) @BuddyRoemer

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
RT @ccsvince: URGENT: Please Sign Petition To Tell Pres. Obama To Fix The FEC (The Deadline Is Tomorrow) PLEASE RETWEET http://t.co/XoYB2izt @BuddyRoemer

Tom Price (R) @RepTomPrice

The HHS mandate out to be reversed, the right to religious freedom protected, and the entire health care law repealed: http://t.co/UC0klseG

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