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Gwen Moore (D) @RepGwenMoore

RT @NTFVAWA: @RepGwenMoore calls on Congress to pass #VAWA, "Victims should not be forced to wait any longer" via @ThinkProgressFD http://t.co/j6onQ45c

Rep. Hansen Clarke (D) @RepHansenClarke

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Rep. Scott and I spoke with NABJ's Vickie Thomas in Detroit-- we discussed our bi-partisan bill that fights illiteracy. http://t.co/N6UTgcmC

Gov. Buddy Roemer (R) @BuddyRoemer

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And bought! RT @JohnnyArgent: @Raptor2u @Reform__Project @BuddyRoemer Roseanne & I say: "It's not broken; It's FIXED."

Gerry Connolly (D) @GerryConnolly

I 'll be joining @barackobama on Saturday at Centerville HS. Looking forward to seeing many NoVA friends as we work to win #VA in Nov.

Rep. Hansen Clarke (D) @RepHansenClarke

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I was with @RepTimScott today on @WJRnewsdesk to talk about H.Res 721 and fighting illiteracy in our community. http://t.co/wH0MCSZ4

Rep. Hansen Clarke (D) @RepHansenClarke

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We introduced a bi-partisan resolution this week, H.Res. 721, that recognizes literacy as an urgent national priority. http://t.co/lYQ7Ef7t

Rep. Hansen Clarke (D) @RepHansenClarke

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My friend & colleague, Rep. Tim Scott, joined me this morning live on the radio in Detroit on the Frank Beckmann Show! http://t.co/7kmzdHjN


Today is Grammy award winning clarinetist and Omaha native Richard Stoltzman's 70th birthday. Happy birthday... http://t.co/i1IaIBxR

Jim McDermott (D) @RepJimMcDermott

Great Cartoon... "See what Obama has done to this country" http://t.co/f9tVt23r


I am glad that the US Olympic Committee is proud of Ralph Lauren being an iconic American figure. I just wish... http://t.co/BeCVsFdz

Kevin McCarthy (R) @GOPLeader

RT @CRNC RT if You Stand w/ Majority of Americans Who Agree #Obamacare is a Tax #StopTheTaxHike #FullRepeal http://t.co/fGnRfOPG

Francisco Canseco (R) @RepCanseco

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I was honored to visit w/ Col. Welch and his fellow members of the 688th Information Operations Wing from Lackland AFB

JeffFortenberry (R) @JeffFortenberry

RT @sustainableag: Thanks @marciafudge and @JeffFortenberry for your work on access to credit via microloans for beginning farmers! #farmbill amdt #049 passes!

Gerry Connolly (D) @GerryConnolly

GOP voted for the 33rd time to repeal #ACA. Repeal is bad for seniors, women, middles class families & biz http://t.co/hOrSkldU

Laura Richardson (D) @RepLRichardson

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In the 112th Congress, Republicans have wasted precious House Floor time by voting on the repeal of the Affordable... http://t.co/ZUsxyED6

Daniel Webster (R) @RepWebster

#Obamacare's #healthcare takeover replaces personal decisions w/ 13,000 new regulations. #Fullrepeal is a step towards patient-centered care

Tom Graves (R) @RepTomGraves

TUNE IN: I’ll be on America’s Radio News tomorrow @ 1:30pm to discuss the House vote to repeal #Obamacare. Listen live: http://t.co/55nhq5iq

Ed Markey (D) @MarkeyMemo

RT @NRDems: Check out our QR Code & follow @NRDems 4 updates on how committee Democrats are fighting you & our natural #resources http://t.co/x3YIARzD

Rep. James Lankford (R) @RepLankford

Interesting WSJ article about European socialism developing in the US http://t.co/vb82cFAO

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