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Senator Joe Manchin (D) @Sen_JoeManchin

Oil speculation can add as much as 25 percent to the price of a barrel of oil, or 56 cents.

Senator John Boozman (R) @JohnBoozman

Boozman Calls for Increased Domestic Production to Fight High Gas Prices http://t.co/O3HIfhru

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Sen. McConnell Press (R) @McConnellPress

Photos of the tornado damage in Menifee County, KY: http://t.co/vmZYpbl7

Scott Tipton (R) @RepTipton

I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/hpwlj4nA FOX News Online Power Play with Rep. Scott Tipton

Dean Heller (R) @DeanHeller

@Berkley4Senate do you agree with POTUS that lowering gas prices should not be a goal of the Administration? #LowerGasPrices #WhereIsBerkley

Rep. Joe Courtney (D) @RepJoeCourtney

Good meeting with Arnie Bevins of Vernon Water Pollution Control Dep. Talked about LI Sound, wastewater, pollution http://t.co/sJ0BBHIB

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Mark Udall (D) @MarkUdall

VIDEO: @Mark Udall questions @ForestService Chief Tidwell re: #barkbeetle, #wildfire, #FY13 budget, #COjobs. http://t.co/pcf1mIgA - STAFF

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JeffFortenberry (R) @JeffFortenberry

Today we honor America's presidents, who starting with George Washington have guided our young nation through... http://t.co/BolSNfhS

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JeffFortenberry (R) @JeffFortenberry

As a reminder, under federal ethics laws, no comments on campaign/election issues are allowed on this page. Be... http://t.co/4lVsvBwY

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JeffFortenberry (R) @JeffFortenberry

I am very saddened by the news of Congressman Donald Payne’s passing. Donald Payne was a good friend. He was... http://t.co/aDx3wy0C

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Rep. Hank Johnson (D) @RepHankJohnson

The Commander in Chief is schooling his foreign policy critics, who seek to score political pts with loose talk of war.

Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (R) @RepGosar

Headed to floor to begin consideration of H.R. 2842, a bill @reptipton and I put forth to spur rural econ devel & increase renewable energy

Rep. Hansen Clarke (D) @RepHansenClarke

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I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/ohCUG7Yu WHM Clarke

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Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

Honored my friend Congressman Donald Payne and called out shock jocks & talk radio. See video here http://t.co/CITzAcry #p2

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Pedro Pierluisi (D) @pedropierluisi

Pierluisi lleva al hemiciclo asunto de salud de los #viequenses https://t.co/j4RIxlOe

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Gov. Buddy Roemer (R) @BuddyRoemer

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
I have been slow on the Tweets this past weekend. Sorry about that. I am now back!

Eddie B Johnson (D) @RepEBJ

Celebrating the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Opening >> https://t.co/c9SoMq4p

CathyMcMorrisRodgers (R) @cathymcmorris

Fun to attend the WA St Presidential primary this morning. Can't wait to hear the statewide results.

CathyMcMorrisRodgers (R) @cathymcmorris

@neo82 Absolutely. Thank you precinct 6144 and all the great Washingtonians who participated in their caucuses today.

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