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Cory Booker (D) @CoryBooker

RT @PolitiFact: Under Trump plan, top 0.1% of taxpayers would get more tax relief than the bottom 60 percent of taxpayers combined. https://t.co/4AKzA6AM8d

Rep. Jim McGovern (D) @McGovernMA

It's clear, @HillaryClinton, is the only candidate on stage tonight is best prepared to tackle the challenges we face. #debatenight

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

We need an international treaty to prevent cyberwarfare. The Chinese are willing to join us on this. #OccupyTheDebates #debates

John Garamendi (D) @JohnGaramendi

I live be live tweeting tonight's #PresidentialDebate. Please chime in and tell me what you are thinking!

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

Police need training in deescalation techniques, the common policy is broken window which is offensive. #debates #OccupyTheDebates

Karen Bass (D) @KarenBassTweets

Bringing back Trump's "law and order" WAS code for racial profiling until he just said so explicitly during a national debate. #Debates2016

Steny Hoyer (D) @StenyHoyer

Trump is the least transparent candidate in modern history - the Americas deserve to know what he's hiding in his tax returns #DebateNight

Jamie Raskin (D) @jamie_raskin

If this were a boxing match, if it would have been called 15 minutes ago. Trump is a blithering incoherent mess. #debatenight

Dina Titus (D) @dinatitus

RT @TheBriefing2016: Donald Trump is talking about outsourcing, which is an area of expertise for him. #Debate https://t.co/Y6D1BDsrxM

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

Here's my opening statement to kick off the #debates. But I choose to #OccupyTheDebates because I'm not in the pock… https://t.co/M8I9Q5NOQb

Keith Rothfus (R) @KRPA12

Dozens of supporters have packed my HQ to watch the debate tonight! #Debates2016 #MAGA #tcot

Adam Kinzinger (R) @AdamKinzinger

Watching the #Debates closely tonight. ​I know @RepMikeRogers shares my concerns on ntnl sec/ US role in the world. https://t.co/Q1Ste7vvcm

Doug Ducey (R) @dougducey

Please vote @GovernorPerry it will help our Veterans! https://t.co/buXpgDQ4K4

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

Evan Bayh has had a rough go of it this month. We decided to take his some of his greatest hits from September and… https://t.co/RmGxswA61t

Rep. Scott Peters (D) @RepScottPeters

Helped @theuso assemble care packages for troops serving abroad to let them know we are th… https://t.co/7CAfQk26zx https://t.co/G5CgJGKE2B

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