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Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

Ask debates commission member John C. Danforth to do a public vote to #OpenDebates. Email: jdanforth@downbennett.co… https://t.co/xWYRhYOEJx

Senator Ron Johnson (R) @SenRonJohnson

READ @SenRonJohnson's op-ed in today's @WSJ: The terminally ill deserve right-to-try laws

Scott Peters (D) @ScottPetersSD

RT @UriLF: A 6-year-old American boy writes to Obama, offering to welcome a Syrian boy into his family https://t.co/6zoDXlYOP6 https://t.co/pTCUW6qWzS

Rep John Duncan Jr. (R) @RepJohnDuncanJr

RT @Vol_Soccer: UT wins its third straight game to improve to 6-4 and 2-1 in SEC play! #GBO https://t.co/rUAKZ0spRz

Eric Swalwell (D) @ericswalwell

I believe in Hayward's students. But they need leaders who give them a freedom to dream. For school board, I'm all in for the CLASS slate.

Barbara Comstock (R) @BarbaraComstock

Thank you for your strong and effective advocacy. https://t.co/mXYJgZzY8s

Donald J. Trump (R) @realDonaldTrump

I will be interviewed from Cleveland, Ohio, on @seanhannity - Tonight at 10:00 P.M. Enjoy!

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

Democrats + Republicans have rigged the presidential debates. Join me Monday to demand #OpenDebates:… https://t.co/3LKDG04XKn

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) @lisamurkowski

Thoughts & prayers for the APD offers injured today in the line of duty and for those still in harms way. https://t.co/Ii4rb0qnQr

Rep John Duncan Jr. (R) @RepJohnDuncanJr

In between late night votes, I had the chance to wish a Happy Birthday to the most educated person in Congress and… https://t.co/NAKkKXvfKo

Rep. Bobby Scott (D) @repbobbyscott

Today, the House passed the Supporting Youth Opportunity & Prevention Act. Which @RepCurbelo and I introduced. https://t.co/6vslNMEX07

Sen. James Lankford (R) @SenatorLankford

Chairing a hearing on Dept of Ed's recent guidance regarding school bathrooms. Watch at 2pm CT HERE: https://t.co/yur0cy0pFw

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

The @HouseGOP funding bill doesn’t include $ for #Flint. #NoFlintNoCR #FundFlint

Rep. Suzan DelBene (D) @RepDelBene

Today, I asked what @ICEgov is doing to ensure children fleeing violence aren't facing the complexities of our… https://t.co/eUuzr82MAx

Senator Deb Fischer (R) @SenatorFischer

Senate just passed my bill w/ @MazieHirono to provide disabled @FAA #vets with paid sick leave. https://t.co/yRstATbSKu

G. K. Butterfield (D) @GKButterfield

RT @MichaelSkolnik: This is precisely why police should NOT be investigating themselves. Needs to be an independent investigator for EV… https://t.co/kqSRHCLru7

Rep. Suzan DelBene (D) @RepDelBene

Today, I asked what @ICEgov is doing to ensure children fleeing violence aren't facing the complexities of our… https://t.co/tr0OeIHtKG

Rep. Suzan DelBene (D) @RepDelBene

Today, I asked what @ICEgov is doing to ensure children fleeing violence aren't facing the complexities of our… https://t.co/gsv9RnEqSw

Marco Rubio (R) @marcorubio

Click here to join our team and we'll put you in touch with one of our field reps. https://t.co/6AUJUC0WYs https://t.co/NbCaPTRAxm

Rep. Suzan DelBene (D) @RepDelBene

Today, I asked what @ICEgov is doing to ensure children fleeing violence aren't facing the complexities of our… https://t.co/yAf1AlTJDR

Reid Ribble (R) @RepRibble

RT @BudgetHawks: House should vote on @RepRibble’s biennial budgeting bill before adjourning this year. https://t.co/AdemehQ0MO

Dr. Joe Heck (R) @Heck4Nevada

Stop Harry Reid's handpicked candidate. Donate now! #NVSen https://t.co/Lmuo3ASqVg

Tim Ryan (D) @TimRyan

All too often adults have more to learn from our children than they have to learn from us. What a beautiful thing. https://t.co/clf9fs6ZMU

Moran for Kansas (R) @moranforkansas

Happy First day of Fall! We’re looking forward to a great few months, and to some big wins on November 8! https://t.co/PT5LoFKPBn

Lynn Westmoreland (R) @RepWestmoreland

I am truly honored by the words of my friend, @JohnnyIsakson. It has been a pleasure to serve alongside such outsta… https://t.co/0CxHXEGZZu

Darrell Issa (R) @DarrellIssa

Local government is lining up behind our bill that would allow state and localities to reform sober living homes https://t.co/HV1soNzOQK

Ed Markey (D) @SenMarkey

Deaths caused by #OpioidEpidemic continue to grow. But the only things that outpace by those deaths are empty promi… https://t.co/EX1VF0YB88

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

BlackLivesMattee kick & beat an elderly homeless White man during #CharlotteRiots. Where is the outcry? @lagop https://t.co/bhX9AXzP0p

Rep Cedric Richmond (D) @RepRichmond

"We are often called 'The Conscious of the Congress' and today I wear that badge" #BlackLivesMatteer @OfficialCBC https://t.co/K0K0YNVkzR

Ryan Zinke (R) @RyanZinke

Im happy to welcome libertarian Rick Breckenridge into this race! #mtpol

Rep. David Valadao (R) @RepDavidValadao

Next month, I will be hosting a Community Coffee event in #Fowler and hope you will attend! RSVP here:… https://t.co/PL4y8vkh3V

Todd Young (R) @ToddYoungIN

We've closed the gap, but we can't win this election with you. Sign up to volunteer and send a Marine to the Senate. https://t.co/GeAsRiwVVq

Dr. Phil Roe (R) @DrPhilRoe

RT @DrPhilRoe: Read more about a #BetterWay to protect our homeland in this week's column: https://t.co/m5DAto5r6G

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

Let's build an alternative to corporate parties that doesn't support working people. #VoteGreen https://t.co/MUMJGY171g

Senator Ben Cardin (D) @SenatorCardin

Sitting on Foreign Relations, I know natl security is critical. Public deserves to know candidates have no connection to foreign entities.

Yvette D. Clarke (D) @RepYvetteClarke

RT @jabariwill: Members of @OfficialCBC walk @DeptJusticeIRL to deliver letter regarding shooting of Blacks by law enforcement.… https://t.co/pxnKXa8FMX

Alejandro (D) @agarciapadilla

RT @alastrapower: Debido a la falta de servicio eléctrico, estarán cerradas Regionales del Depto de la Vivienda de Carolina, Aguadilla, Carolina y Arecibo.

Tim Scott (R) @SenatorTimScott

RT @DanSWright: .@SenatorTimScott brings up #WellsFargo customers who were charged fees in accounts they didn't know about, so didn't pay and hurt credit.

Senator Pat Toomey (R) @SenToomey

I called on the Senate to pass my bipartisan bill to protect animals from abuse – but @SenatorReid blocked it.… https://t.co/RPvIgcsb6S

John McCain (R) @SenJohnMcCain

.@FreeBeacon on my latest #AmericasMostWasted report: "25 Obama Regulations Cost Taxpayers $348.7 Billion" https://t.co/5W3nfJvCwW

Blake Farenthold (R) @farenthold

deleted because wrong photo, will repost

Blake Farenthold (R) @farenthold

.@GOPoversight voted to recommend the House hold Bryan Pagliano, HRC’s server admin, in contempt for again refusing… https://t.co/uGPwy84A7n

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