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Rep. Roger Williams (R) @RepRWilliams

We must protect the rights of the unborn. God is great, life is great.

Ed Perlmutter (D) @Ed4Colorado

If Congress does not act by July 1, then student loan interest rates will double from 3.4% to 6.8%. This increase... http://t.co/OaMH0PpGqm

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Rep. Tom Cole (R) @TomColeOK04

Today I will support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 1797) that places a national ban on abortions at 20 weeks or later.

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

Congrats to #SUNY’s 4 University Centers Named Among Top in World via @SUNY :http://t.co/kwQVj6DWHi “The Power of SUNY resonates worldwide”

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Mike Rogers (R) @RepMikeRogersAL

It was great to meet with some students from #AL03 who are in DC with @ALYouthTour. Keep up the good work! http://t.co/n4ZjIsD5Nc

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Pedro Pierluisi (D) @pedropierluisi

Es increíble al extremo que llega con tal de entorpecer el reclamo de igualdad y progreso que conlleva la causa de la estadidad.

Governor Tom Corbett (R) @GovernorCorbett

RT @ValerieCaras: .@GovernorCorbett Submits Letter to Pennsylvanians Supporting Pension Reform http://t.co/5Csb00IYKn

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Jay Stamper (D) @jay_stamper

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
If you don’t mind the gov't snooping through your things, the problem isn't the constitution but your constitution.

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

With the end of the legislative session nearing, the time is now! Urge your legislators to pass #WEA http://t.co/Iy97QoQrzb @Newsday

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Rep. Luke Messer (R) @RepLukeMesser

My column on the House GOP proposal to get Washington out of the business of arbitrarily setting interest rates. http://t.co/K6SDu1FRxY

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Pedro Pierluisi (D) @pedropierluisi

RT @hernanpadilla51: @igualdadpr @JoseMSaldana51 @pedropierluisi @QuiquitoMelende van a la ONU a defender Estadidad y exigir se resuelva status colonial de PR

Senator Mazie Hirono (D) @maziehirono

Also explained how bill penalizes immigrant taxpayers who pay the same taxes as you and me http://t.co/t9XXurpWIN #CIRfloor

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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) @RosLehtinenCamp

PapaDex + Dougie enjoying time with our baby! Feliz Dia de los Padres!

Ann Wagner (R) @RepAnnWagner

Wishing everyone a blessed Father's Day

Mike Rogers (MI-08) (R) @RepMikeRogers

RT @davidshepardson: Rogers in email: "We in Michigan have the good fortune of having a deep bench of Republican leaders who would make great" US senators

Kyrsten Sinema (D) @RepSinema

You know you're off to a productive day when you finish your 4 hour bike session at 7:30 am. #coffeeplease

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) @RepJeffDuncan

RT @iunfollowdotcom: Need to mass unfollow? Go to http://www.iunfollow.com There are no limits and its free! No signup required!

Mike Enzi (R) @SenatorEnzi

100+ year old law shouldn’t be used to designate new monuments to limit energy production. Read our letter: http://t.co/IPQ6FYM7pj

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Gerry Connolly (D) @GerryConnolly

House passes Issa-Connolly federal IT reform act. First major tech rewrite since 2003. http://t.co/vasFw9WDBi

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