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David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

We're Going to Make America and Louisiana Great Again! Www.Dukefor https://t.co/J4oae7HLfY. Donate today! @lagop https://t.co/mkkYwN8FeJ

Darrell E. Issa (R) @TeamIssa

Packed house at our meet-n-greet last night at our campaign headquarters. It was a pleasure getting to meet and... https://t.co/vmUf1WxEoD

CathyMcMorrisRodgers (R) @TeamCMR

RT @byoanarchy: Gary Johnson: "a carbon tax is a free market solution to global warming." "A tax is a free market solution." https://t.co/E3NY7uHVi2

Steve Bullock (D) @BullockForMT

MT remains a great place to do business. For the 4th year in a row, we are #1 in entrepreneurial activity! #mtpol https://t.co/oTUeiXPwMG

Rep. Scott Peters (D) @RepScottPeters

We have come a long way in the fight for gender equality, but women still only make 79 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Rep. Scott Peters (D) @RepScottPeters

#OTD in 1920: 19th Amdt was ratified, giving white women right to vote. Today we celebrate it as #WomensEqualityDay. https://t.co/Jff5VEzBQD

Ron DeSantis (R) @RonDeSantisFL

Join us Tuesday for our election night victory party! We'll be meeting at our headquarters in New Smyrna Beach. https://t.co/go2NF9dUFv

John Kasich (R) @JohnKasich

I spoke w/@andersoncooper about the fundamental disconnect between our worker-training & welfare systems. It will air on @CNN at 8:10pmET.

Senator Jeff Merkley (D) @SenJeffMerkley

RT @SenJeffMerkley: Happy #WomensEqualityDay! Today and every day, we must continue to fight for the rights of all women everywhere. https://t.co/WHDn3Eltls

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

“New York State Fair makeover makes for a better visitor experience,” via @syracusedotcom editorial: https://t.co/9AE4TUlVRJ #NYSFair

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

“New York State Fair makeover makes for a better visitor experience,” via @syracusedotcom editorial: https://t.co/9AE4TUlVRJ

Tulsi Gabbard (D) @TulsiGabbard

Thankful to have the endorsement of the @SierraClub! I will continue to be a champion of the environment in Congress https://t.co/Z8sv93fxM3

Marcy Kaptur (D) @RepMarcyKaptur

RT @GrowingSandusky: Come downtown #SanduskyOH and enjoy the beautiful weather☀️ A lot of activity going on in this great city today! https://t.co/5E9VXnxRBi

Marcy Kaptur (D) @RepMarcyKaptur

RT @GrowingSandusky: Great to see so many people out shopping local and experiencing our beautiful city. https://t.co/XSwCwplvZs

Marcy Kaptur (D) @RepMarcyKaptur

RT @GrowingSandusky: The future is right here. Will your business be part of the #SanduskyOH renaissance? Make this boomtown happen! https://t.co/iXC42siKtL

Chris Sununu (R) @ChrisSununu

With Cheshire County GOP discussing the conservative ideas I plan to bring to the Governors office. #nhpolitics https://t.co/tu54cheihX

Doug Ducey (R) @dougducey

An incredible tribute. @floggingmolly dedicates "If I ever leave this world alive" to @us_navyseals Charlie Keating. https://t.co/G1gDrjvFV3

Senator Patty Murray (D) @MurrayCampaign

Happy Women’s Equality today to all of the women out there! https://t.co/wZgHpLCoWe

Ed Royce (R) @RepEdRoyce

Hello from @HouseForeign Affairs Committee Staff .We're doing a #socialmediatakeover to show you what we do. https://t.co/RxZuFEk5tl

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

Almost 15,000 have signed this petition to include all candidates on the debate stage! #OpenDebates https://t.co/42Uai609Zk

Senator Brian Schatz (D) @SenBrianSchatz

We can’t continue to allow students & their families to be saddled with crushing debt simply for wanting to earn an education. #CollegeDebt

Rep John Duncan Jr. (R) @RepJohnDuncanJr

This week I visited @Parkwest Medical Center to meet the staff, physicians, and learn more about their facility. https://t.co/kLG1v4CqmK

Darrell E. Issa (R) @TeamIssa

Outside of Capital Hill, Reps. focus on casework... https://t.co/P02vwTRyMw

Darrell E. Issa (R) @TeamIssa

Had the honor of delivering a yard sign to to John & Frances Meyers of Oceanside today. If you need a sign for... https://t.co/lq16wbsZu7

Dina Titus (D) @repdinatitus

Here's a shot of the Join Resolution from 1971 designating Aug 26 #WomensEqualityDay. #MoreThanADay #EqualMeansEqual https://t.co/oIhIRYxxmS

Senator Jeff Merkley (D) @SenJeffMerkley

State retirement plans are major step forward. Let's make it nat'l w/ my #AmericanSavingsAcf for more secure futures https://t.co/Wr9KPqKRpb

Yvette D. Clarke (D) @RepYvetteClarke

Much of that work includes equal pay, paid leave and subsidized childcare, representation in upper management, women are opting out.

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

Explore https://t.co/LZ2pzESzpl showcasing upcoming @NYSPolice Centennial events and historical facts.

Hillary Clinton (D) @HillaryClinton

RT @TyroneGayle: Since the horrific shooting at VTech in 07', @timkaine has returned for the annual vigil nearly every year. Actions matter.

Mike Fitzpatrick (R) @RepFitzpatrick

Reminder: Horsham Township Council will host a Health Panel Discussion on water contamination on Monday, August... https://t.co/dUmxT2esHg

Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) @GovernorHassan

Visiting @thrwbck to ceremonially signing a bipartisan bill raising the cap on net metering https://t.co/nk1Brc76Tq

Ted Strickland (D) @Ted_Strickland

Portman’s often touted field operation employs a grand total of 10 staffers…Here are 10 things bigger than 10 #OhSen https://t.co/AsIzmiy8Um

Jim Cooper (D) @repjimcooper

RT @Tennessean: #BREAKING Goodlettsville advances to U.S. Little League title game, beating Bowling Green, Ky. 8-4. https://t.co/3ntqVrWIqQ

Rep Donna F Edwards (D) @repdonnaedwards

#OTD in 1920, US Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby certified the adoption of the #19thAmendment. #WomanVote https://t.co/1bRsOjDxHO

Eliot Engel (D) @RepEliotEngel

A great way to celebrate Women’s Equality Day: let’s pass the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure equal pay for equal work! #womensucceed

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

American tax payers can't afford to accommodate #HillarysStools throughout the #WhiteHouse. #AltRightMeans #MAGA https://t.co/adAz10yHz6

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

#CrookedHillary would rather-up Blacks, than to allow them to police, educate and govern themselves. #BLM #MAGA #GOP https://t.co/YBqEf9SWfW

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

RT @OurRevolution: Our launch party was a huge success. Now we must work together to transform America. https://t.co/qUb7YIs7GM https://t.co/l2rrtwnv4N

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

The struggle for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice continues. Sign up at https://t.co/nDQMTrniqx. https://t.co/IobqGPAIgZ

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

RT @OurRevolution: "Election days come and go. But the struggle for justice continues." - Bernie #OurRevolution

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

RT @OurRevolution: Our Voice. Our Future. Our Country. Our Revolution is Just Beginning. Join us: https://t.co/QpXiFJbIRD

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