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Senator Joe Manchin (D) @Sen_JoeManchin

Tomorrow I'm co-hosting over 115 employers at a job fair in So. Charleston. Read my op-ed in @StateJournal 4 more: https://t.co/1AbQBiTgr6

John Fleming (R) @RepFleming

Congrats to Caroline Fisher from Shreveport who was chosen as Caregiver of the Year by the @KidneyFund. Thank you for your service + heart!

Dennis Ross (R) @RepDennisRoss

RT @RepDennisRoss: With my vote tonight, I'm pleased Congress finally put politics aside and provided $1.1 billion in funding to fight Zika, especially in FL.

Billy Long (R) @auctnr1

RT @famousquotenet: The Government Can Supply No Substitute for Enterprise - https://t.co/WuY6UAzceo

Rep Donna F Edwards (D) @repdonnaedwards

RT @HillaryClinton: Donald Trump lied to the American people at least 58 times during the first presidential debate. (We counted.) https://t.co/h43O6Rws4S

Dave Joyce (R) @RepDaveJoyce

RT @RepCloakroom: On Concurring in the Senate Amendment to H.R. 5325 – Yeas 342, Nays 85

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

No - it was deleted awhile ago, due to too many "hate facts" directed toward it. https://t.co/2V5SrwoU3F

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

No - it was deleted awhile ago because of to many "hate facts" directed toward it. https://t.co/2V5SrwoU3F

Rep. Hank Johnson (D) @RepHankJohnson

Banning forced arbitration in nursing homes is a watershed moment. #ripoffclauses have no place in justice system: https://t.co/KQcCh9K2B3

John Boozman (R) @Boozman4AR

On average, #Arkansas farmers grow #rice on 1.5M acres/year. 96% of those farms are family owned & operated. #ARpx #ArkansasRiceMonth

Rep Donna F Edwards (D) @repdonnaedwards

No one should be afraid to drink the water that comes out of their tap. #FlintWaterCrisis #WRDA #FundFlint 2/0

Rep. Hank Johnson (D) @RepHankJohnson

RT @BellwetherBits: @RepHankJohnson Thank you, always, for your exemplary legislative leadership, insight, vision, and #advocacyhttps://t.co/R5h3QaamgQ

Hillary Clinton (D) @HillaryClinton

"Hillary will be a president our kids can look up to." —@FLOTUS https://t.co/Ar4wkfo5kC

Reid Ribble (R) @reidribble

RT @NicholsUprising: WI Congressman @reidribble is not seeking reelection. Too bad. His focus on reforming Congress will be missed . https://t.co/9d0m62RpvK

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) @SenatorSessions

VIDEO: Obama Administration Admits It Does Not Screen Refugees For Radical Views https://t.co/fRj54RS8hC

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