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Rep. Norma Torres (D) @NormaJTorres

Familias de desaparecidos en #ElSalvador: "no estamos pidiendo venganza. Pedimos justicia." @WOLA_org https://t.co/fsFO6IlQrs

Ted Cruz (R) @tedcruz

At last night's #CNNTownHall, @HeidiSCruz was asked what her priorities as First Lady would be. Watch her answer: https://t.co/ureBiYcPKc

Ted Cruz (R) @tedcruz

Imagine a 10% income tax. Imagine filling out your taxes on a postcard. Imagine abolishing the IRS. We can do it! https://t.co/2B1l81fHxU

Ted Cruz (R) @tedcruz

Imagine a 10% income tax. Imagine filling out your taxes on a postcard. Imagine abolishing the IRS. We can do it! https://t.co/CpHrtg2VBt

Senator Bob Menendez (D) @SenatorMenendez

BREAKING! Just heard from @WhiteHouse: @POTUS accepted our invitation to speak @RutgersU commencement! #NJPride https://t.co/I2qF770fAa

RepMarkAmodei (R) @MarkAmodeiNV2

Enjoyed visiting with a great croup of Close-Up students from #Elko. Keep up the good work! #NV02 @CloseUp_DC https://t.co/Aj3n1LM1NF

Senator Dan Coats (R) @SenDanCoats

EBT cards for Beyoncé concert tickets? Watch this week's #WasteOfTheWeek to find out. https://t.co/CpiIJd8uZC

Chris Murphy (D) @ChrisMurphyCT

Thrilled that the Borinqueneers received the Congressional Gold Medal for their extraordinary service in the face on injustice

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

Democratic socialism means that we create a government that works for works for all of us, not just powerful special interests.

Chaka Fattah (D) @chakafattah

RT @jayamccalla1: The Neighborhood Networks endorsement of Fattah is a needed boost. Very not "knee-jerk". Wish I had heard debate.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D) @RepCuellar

Today I met with Tom Handel, general manager of Meridian Medical; representatives @pfizer to discuss Lbr HHS approps https://t.co/hs2dWGsIu9

Billy Long (R) @auctnr1

RT @sprivitor: .@greta Watched your pre-SC vote show a day after the results. @davecatanese was dead on about everything that happened. #Impressed

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @seanhannity: .@SebGorka: “If you don’t believe in objective truth then you’re not going to say there’s such a thing as evil.” #Hannity

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @seanhannity: .@IngrahamAngle “The party has to come together, it can’t be ripping each other’s throats apart, tearing at each other’s jugulars.” #Hannity

Charles Rangel (D) @cbrangel

As a KW vet, cant be more proud that Congres is honoring #Borinqueneers Watch LIVE: https://t.co/JmSWHhTncv https://t.co/deBePXtSpg

Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) @MayorBowser

Here's a look at today's #RockTheRed event: https://t.co/AioWTgOill. Don't forget to 'rock your red' tomorrow! https://t.co/1fJgEXyiky

John Culberson (R) @CongCulberson

Today, the @IFDA presented me with their Thomas Jefferson Award for my commitment to free enterprise. https://t.co/ybKVgEUSjW

Phil Bryant (R) @PhilBryantMS

It's was great to have Franklin Graham in Mississippi today. https://t.co/nnBcQPbcrp

Senator Bob Corker (R) @SenBobCorker

If a @UNPeacekeeping mission was going to Chattanooga, I would be on the next flight home to protect my wife. https://t.co/A4Vv8BC7sX

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