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John Shimkus (R) @RepShimkus

We must make it our top national security priority to win the war against radical Islamic extremism. https://t.co/0Qp3SrTbNb #BetterWay

((David Cicilline)) (D) @RepCicilline

RT @GinaRaimondo: Thrilled to announce @GE_Digital is planning to bring 100s of new high-paying jobs to RI over the next several years https://t.co/nPKRcRiJVx

André Carson (D) @RepAndreCarson

Congratulations to the 70 Hoosiers who became American citizens at the courthouse this morning! https://t.co/NTrpUSQ4ZI

Louie Gohmert (R) @replouiegohmert

Talking to my friend, Andrew on his @SIRIUSXM show @WilkowMajorityat 12:20pm CT. We'll discuss Hillary Clinton & #immigration. Tune in!

Ed Royce (R) @RepEdRoyce

Tune in now: We're about to roll out our #BetterWay to keep Americans safe. https://t.co/8f2Rs02yMd

Rep. Keith Ellison (D) @keithellison

A screenshot from a Trump U handbook. Most universities don't ask their students to take out thousands in debt. https://t.co/tVWt5zTPk7

Paul Ryan (R) @SpeakerRyan

America has to set the standard on #nationalsecurity—a #ConfidentAmerica will keep us safe. #BetterWay https://t.co/001Wt3fLPa

Gov Kasich Comm Dept (R) @OHPressSec

A serviceman, Olympian & Buckeye, we salute Lt. Malvin Greston Whitfield. May his spirit and strength live on. https://t.co/Ur9eAsCI02

Rep. Bobby Scott (D) @repbobbyscott

.@USDOL's overtime rule update is among the most meaningful policies to address income inequality in recent history. https://t.co/VI8FsXyjEG

Rep. Jim McGovern (D) @RepMcGovern

.@SpeakerRyan's #WrongWay poverty plan is not only a distraction but it's built on false statements → https://t.co/ewaXevIERC

Rep. Jim McGovern (D) @RepMcGovern

.@SpeakerRyan's #WrongWay poverty plan is not only a distraction but it's built on false statements → https://t.co/DZpRvHhS8U

Rep. Keith Ellison (D) @keithellison

Many people of all colors have given their lives for the simple idea that you're "race" doesn't define your ability, morality, or value.

Cory Booker (D) @CoryBooker

RT @Blynnjorgensen: THANKS @CoryBooker for introducing the provision that spares thousands of lives & improves safety #better #science https://t.co/BjKL0wWyNC

Rep. Barbara Lee (D) @RepBarbaraLee

Tough loss but we’re never out! We’ll be get ready for Game 4! https://t.co/qRHUjmP4cc

Rep. Barbara Lee (D) @RepBarbaraLee

Tough loss but we’re never out! We’ll be get ready for Game 5! https://t.co/qRHUjmP4cc

Johnny Isakson (R) @SenatorIsakson

Nothing like sharing good #barbecue to show off Southern hospitality. I look forward to hosting the Senate bipartisan lunch tomorrow. 1/2

Johnny Isakson (R) @SenatorIsakson

Follow the @nytimes "Politics and Washington" page on @Facebook for their "Facebook Live" stream on 6/9 of my bipartisan BBQ lunch. 2/2

Rep. Diana DeGette (D) @RepDianaDeGette

Top Democrats introduce a formal resolution to disband the reckless Select Panel and end the witch hunt for good. https://t.co/LF0xOQm8OO

Ted Strickland (D) @Ted_Strickland

My staff has a new verb to describe Portman’s D.C. double-talk on Trump: condemnorsement #OHSEN

Senator Mike Crapo (R) @MikeCrapo

Spoke about the importance of Trevor's Law with @Emjayktvb this evening. I'll rejoin Mark LIVE from DC at 6p MST. https://t.co/c9S5aTxkZB

Shelley Moore Capito (R) @SenCapito

2 mobile office stops tomorrow in Pocahontas & Harrison Co! If you’re in the area, visit my staff at a location. https://t.co/M5L5ja4w13

Paul Ryan (R) @SpeakerRyan

.@PMOIndiaspoke eloquently about the importance of a strong U.S.-#India relationship to promoting peace & freedom. https://t.co/WO6NBFZ5Xr

Brad Sherman (D) @BradSherman

I spoke with Prime Minister Modi after his speech, his visit is a great opportunity to build relations with India https://t.co/chSKa2VfM3

Rick Scott (R) @FLGovScott

The season will now close at close at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, June 12- great news for Florida’s fishing community.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D) @RepSwalwell

Today I opposed H.R. 4775, a bill to gut the #CleanAirAct and undermine decades of public health and #environmental progress.

Mark Meadows (R) @RepMarkMeadows

Praying for #Israel and for all impacted this tragedy. https://t.co/xG900S3b2J

((David Cicilline)) (D) @davidcicilline

It is despicable that anyone would insinuate a judge's ethnicity prevents him or her from rendering an impartial decision.

((David Cicilline)) (D) @davidcicilline

A strong, independent federal judiciary is critical to the functioning of our democracy.

((David Cicilline)) (D) @davidcicilline

Just offered an amendment in the Judiciary Committee to ensure federal judges cannot be recused b/c of race, national origin, or religion.

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) @SenatorCantwell

@maddow: Communities along #oiltrain routes are still at risk. WATCH @SenateCommerce hearing: https://t.co/GjM08tu8mk

Jason Kander (D) @JasonKander

RT @RoyBlunt: My staff will be holding a mobile office in Bowling Green on June 9 at 12:30pm. Stop by & see how we can help: https://t.co/HYlFGaKvZp

Just Dave (R) @DaveJoyceOH14

The Republican party is Looking for input for the @GOP platform that will be debated at @GOPconvention in Cleveland! https://t.co/3cZKBVjegI

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) @SenatorCantwell

How safe are #oiltrains? It’s a question worthy of an answer. WATCH @SenateCommerce today: [LIVE STEAM LINK] @KING5 @GlennFarleyK5

Senator John Boozman (R) @JohnBoozman

The Antioch Discovery Garden will be able to make a big difference in the community thanks to @SeedsofChange @MarsGlobal

Patrick Meehan (R) @RepMeehan

Honoring the 110th Anniversary of the Antiquities Act Signed by Teddy Roosevely today in 1906 #MonumentsForAll https://t.co/fybLUAMwAg

John McCain (R) @SenJohnMcCain

Speaking on Senate floor on my amdt to fund our troops at the levels they need & deserve - watch live: https://t.co/E0JkYGYaaa #FY17NDAA

Steve Chabot (R) @RepSteveChabot

Happy 91st Birthday to one of America's classiest First Ladies, #BarbaraBush! https://t.co/LHvbGeWQc4

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) @RepDLamborn

I led the fight & helped poison the well on this terrible idea from John McCain. A big win for our community! https://t.co/WTCgkWznoI

RepKevinBrady (R) @RepKevinBrady

Thank you @TSCRA & @TxCattleFeeders for stopping by our Washington office today. https://t.co/cAf7UGbOjN

Rep. Rob Wittman (R) @RobWittman

Proud to have Williamsburg's Reverand Brian Britton offering today's invocation on the House Floor! https://t.co/toug96Vmmd

Senator Ben Cardin (D) @SenatorCardin

Happy #WorldOceansDay! #MD's rich history and bright future are both linked to have a healthy Atlantic Ocean.

Yvette D. Clarke (D) @YvetteClarke

RT @NathanZed: wow I cannot believe Obama didn't clone himself and go to both services at the same time https://t.co/Npce6s0Y0p

Chris Sununu (R) @ChrisSununu

Proud to file my candidacy for governor this morning. Thanks everyone for your support. #nhpolitics #nhgov

Chris Sununu (R) @ChrisSununu

NEW VIDEO: Watch Chris' new video "Getting the Job Done" #nhpolitics #nhgov https://t.co/8LjevHhQL5

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