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Jim Inhofe (R) @jiminhofe

RT @AmericasPower: .@jiminhofe: the #COP21 deal is not only misguided. It was also a waste of everyone’s time. https://t.co/EDh3EKNRzJ https://t.co/7GoKKCNYFc

Rick Scott (R) @FLGovScott

Congratulations @GatorLAX on your outstanding victory! @UF #GoGators https://t.co/bGSXxxDayE

Rep. Terri A. Sewell (D) @RepTerriSewell

Always a pleasure to meet with #camden #Alabama Tombigbee Regional Commission and Mayor Max T. Baggett! https://t.co/XqgMAP0zHS

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @SteveMcNY: Most secretive budget process I've seen in my 6 years here. So much for "most open & transparent administration." https://t.co/V118TZ87Sf

Tim Ryan (D) @TimRyan

Kudos to @PhillyMayor Jim Kenny for taking this issue head on. A soda tax makes sense for health & economics. https://t.co/gqihhCVRnj

Fareed4Congress (R) @JustinFareed

Thank you to Kim Langley for his kind words and support. #CA24 https://t.co/tKGW3Qao6e

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

37 weekly followers. 26 unfollowers. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via https://t.co/OHrEuURtEE

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @fud31: Just-in email from prominent radio listener:"Can anyone believe NY is 'open for business' given Cuomo's unrelentingly destructive policies?"

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @FoxNews: .@tedcruz: "The heart of our economy is not Washington, DC. The heart of our economy is small businesses." https://t.co/CgIEfo60nv

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @CinderellaMan2: Any democrat voters who own guns can clearly see Hillary would take them away. #CNNDebate @CNN #NRA @NRA #2ndAmendment

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