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Ander Crenshaw (R) @AnderCrenshaw

Crenshaw earns Navy's Highest Civilian Honor - Navy Distinguished Public Service Award. http://t.co/Dhe7wwTS7y http://t.co/pyf1bxneqH

Inhofe Press Office (R) @InhofePress

I agree with @ANGAus, it’s time to separate facts from fear. #Gasland http://t.co/5IFaktI87R

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Rep. Lee Terry (R) @LEETERRYNE

Good @gopconference meeting this morning. Visit my @tumblr for details of what we discussed this morning. http://t.co/6fyXlba8EB

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Rep. Shea-Porter (D) @RepSheaPorter

Failure to replace sequestration is resulting in furloughs across NH. Extremely frustrating & dissapointing. http://t.co/MGnm07xKB6

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Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

watching the BIG STAR trailer @magnoliapics - Now in Theatres and on Demand http://t.co/wssXiC6stV n NYC!Great doc re:music,#Memphis.C it!

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Rep. Steve Stockman (R) @StockmanSenate

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
RT @CorieWhalen: I guess free markets&small gov are liberal &Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind& deficit spending are conservative. Cool story, @KarlRove.

Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D) @RepLowenthal

Two years ago today, our country saw the end of a decades-long @NASA manned spaceflight program...https://t.co/2oApY7xH7e

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Sheila Jackson Lee (D) @JacksonLeeTX18

Share my Facebook page and Twitter @JacksonLeeTX18 with your friends and family. Follow me on twitter and I will follow you back.

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Loretta Sanchez (D) @LorettaSanchez

We are thinking about joining Instagram. Retweet this, if you will like to see @LorettaSanchez on Instagram!

Brian Schatz (D) @brianschatz

Great day in Kailua & West Hawaii. Happy to be home and enjoying this holiday by gathering together to celebrate the values that unite us.

Kyrsten Sinema (D) @kyrstensinema

Great gathering at Scramble in Sunnyslope for Kyrsten's Coffee Club 9832 N 7th St, Phoenix. Hope to see you there! http://t.co/LuHdkknhIZ

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BobGibbsforCongress (R) @Bob_Gibbs

@JesseInOH if that's what you first thought, perhaps it's time to find a better neighborhood.

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