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Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Cheering & tweeting at the same time can make you forget how to spell your own name - and obAma's. Sorry, Barack, but you did it this time!

Lois Frankel (D) @LoisFrankel

Not the Facts of the Bill? Politifact Ruled: Hasner voted in favor of a bill requiring women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Paul Ryan is the affable face on a budget that's tailor-made for the 1 percent.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Skillful job of getting his strong points in, women, immigrants, and just now,education.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

The 112th Congress is ready to leave D.C. after cutting programs for the vast majority of Romney's 47% - the elderly, disabled, & kids.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Nats to the playoffs and polls show hopes for Obama are just as high for tonight's debate.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Just warmed up crowd for Pres Obama at big donor fundraiser. Pres speaking now.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Dems always want O bama to fight. But he's ahead now because heE was the only reasonable man in the room. He kn ows how and when to fight.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Nats have made history. Barauch will do it for the. Second time.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Heads up Ward 3: Sidewalk & curb lane closed during daylight hours on Nebraska Ave. for 3 weeks as DHS construction finishes up.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Mitt shot his whole wad in the first debate.

Eleanor H. Norton (D) @EleanorNorton

Oboma's last answer re misconception he believes govt creates jobs served as a terrific direct answer to the question.

Nikki Haley (R) @nikkihaley

RT @TreyWalker: What if morning after prez debate logic was applied to #Gamecock football: "We beat LSU!!"

Mike McIntyre (D) @MikeMcIntyreNC

I am committed to making sure North Carolina education students and system have the resources they need and... http://t.co/JxWcAfIj

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