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Adam Kinzinger (R) @RepKinzinger

Short term target: Defeat #ISIS. Long term: take steps to educate generations prone to radical jihadism. Need a plan https://t.co/BAuWzUEswp

Ted Strickland (D) @Ted_Strickland

MSNBC: @robportman “backtracks” on terrorist gun ban https://t.co/6UpSKPVv00 #OHSEN

Senator Pat Toomey (R) @SenToomey

So glad some of my Pittsburgh staff could attend the #PensParade! Way to go @penguins! https://t.co/wZ1rBK9osK

Senator Pat Toomey (R) @SenToomey

So glad some of my Pittsburgh staff could attend the #PensParade! Way to go @penguins! https://t.co/EZNQ2Xxivm

Adam Kinzinger (R) @RepKinzinger

Short term target: Defeat #ISIS. Long term: take steps to educate generations prone to radical jihadism. Need a plan https://t.co/2fNzOOwh38

Change Maryland (R) @ChangeMaryland

RT @LarryHogan: Governor Larry Hogan Announces $23.25 Million in Grants to Reduce Nonpoint Source Water Pollution https://t.co/0PSSucP0FN

Rep. Gene Green (D) @RepGeneGreen

@EnergyCommerce Committee Democrats mark first step towards mental health reform https://t.co/Kqht01f4w5 https://t.co/camADEJHzG

McCaskill Office (D) @McCaskillOffice

Claire agrees, @HannahHart—Actions > words. That’s why @clairecmc did vote for bkgrnd checks/assault weapon ban. #MO https://t.co/80sV9frDE1

RepScottPerry (R) @RepScottPerry

Earlier this week I joined #YourVoiceYourFuture: Terror Alert Town Hall to discuss the #OrlandoShooting. Watch here: https://t.co/nt1fwsBMmq

Governor Rick Snyder (R) @onetoughnerd

RT @MiCivilRights: Language in Michigan laws are now more inclusive under legislation signed by @onetoughnerd https://t.co/LcAzlJltlm

Ted Strickland (D) @Ted_Strickland

Vinson County Courier: Ted Strickland meets with area labor, civic leaders https://t.co/zle7GIX9EJ #OHSEN

Lynn Westmoreland (R) @RepWestmoreland

New report find that ObamaCare Market Premium increases will be larger in 2017 than the last two years → https://t.co/RGJFq1aiGn

Lynn Westmoreland (R) @RepWestmoreland

Report: ACA Market Premium Increases to Be Larger Than Past Two Years → https://t.co/RGJFq1aiGn

Rep Donna F Edwards (D) @repdonnaedwards

#OTD in 1804, #12thAmendment prescribing procedure for electing Presidents & Vice-Presidents is ratified: https://t.co/qCxSr8ZQIM.

Rep Donna F Edwards (D) @repdonnaedwards

#OTD in 1804, the #12thAmendment prescribing process for electing Presidents & Vice-Presidents is ratified. More: https://t.co/QTMlwmFJw3.

Senator Pat Toomey (R) @SenToomey

This morning I signed condolence book for the community of #Orlando that is being signed by senators and staff. https://t.co/XiZwITvMtY

Michael McCaul (R) @McCaulforTexas

Please watch my interview with @SpecialReport about #Orlando and preventing attacks. https://t.co/wMwB5MCLod #txlege

Kyrsten Sinema (D) @RepSinema

We met some incredible @Arizona_DECA leaders! DECA prepares students for marketing, finance, & hospitality careers. https://t.co/EfT2DXz5O3

Bernie Sanders (I) @SenSanders

One hateful person committed this terrible crime in Orlando, not an entire people or an entire religion. https://t.co/3CnkYkLEMl

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

RT @BernieSanders: This decision ensures that big corporations will not be able to put a price tag on the free flow of ideas. https://t.co/aQewcUrdHf

Kyrsten Sinema (D) @RepSinema

@girlscouts inspires young women tells us 'You can do this!'" -@GSACPC #gsGoldAward recipient Sophia Kirkland-Lopez https://t.co/ty5CCl8rKo

Kyrsten Sinema (D) @kyrstensinema

#TeamSinema w/ @ld18dems. Thx everyone who signed up to volunteer for our campaign. Join us: https://t.co/3x6YT3602E https://t.co/J5FaVAGRkw

Governor Sandoval (R) @GovSandoval

Beautiful #FlagDay Ceremony at the #NV Capitol. America's flag is an enduring symbol of freedom, justice & equality. https://t.co/GUUeGQWzno

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) @lisamurkowski

Happy birthday to the @USArmy! Thanks for 241 years of our nation safe. #ArmyBDay https://t.co/ZAyzNbYbVZ

Ron Johnson (R) @RonJohnsonWI

Ron -- "I believe, this is again another attack, a terrorist attack inspired by ISIS, & that is the root cause," https://t.co/CMKJVGsnmo

Sen Dianne Feinstein (D) @SenFeinstein

Today is the centennial celebration of #FlagDay. President Wilson established Flag Day as June 14, 1916. https://t.co/lAMwJDbFK4

Tom Price (R) @RepTomPrice

Today we voted to prevent #IRS abuse & protect free speech. The House passed H.R. 5053. LEARN MORE: https://t.co/BHLIBUakqL via @RepTomPrice

John Conyers (D) @RepJohnConyers

House Judiciary Committee Democrats today sent a letter to @RepGoodlatte to urge for action on gun violence. https://t.co/PvhLZPydFp

Lynn Westmoreland (R) @RepWestmoreland

Citizens should be able to support a candidate or charitable without fear of intimidation or abuse of power by a federal agency like the IRS

Patrick McHenry (R) @PatrickMcHenry

Joined w/ @SpeakerRyan, @RepHensarling, & others to launch the next part of the @HouseGOP's #BetterWay agenda--> https://t.co/utgE4TrZe3

Senator Roger Wicker (R) @SenatorWicker

#FlagDay was officially est 100 yrs ago by Pres Wilson. Dates back to 1777 when the US flag was first adopted. https://t.co/xIAnpjnrbS

Senator Ron Johnson (R) @SenRonJohnson

RADIO: @SenRonJohnson will speak to @VickiMcKenna today at 3:15a CT about the #OrlandoShooting. Listen live here: https://t.co/FlIFzzobLZ.

Peter Roskam (R) @PeterRoskam

Roskam IRS Free Speech Bill Will Stop the Next Lois Lerner via @forbes https://t.co/cFRRaBJT1g

Jackie Speier (D) @RepSpeier

Advice from #StateofWomen Summit speaker @WarrenBuffet: Don't just satisfy your customer, delight your customer." https://t.co/yy5uDiho1z

Tammy Baldwin (D) @tammybaldwin

Tammy was on Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight to share her thoughts on the tragic #OrlandoShooting. Watch here: https://t.co/Va8ZfwxCJh

Governor Rick Snyder (R) @onetoughnerd

Today, a hockey legend is laid to rest. All of Hockeytown will greatly miss Mr. Hockey. #9RIP https://t.co/FuFm4oaejk

Senator Ted Cruz (R) @SenTedCruz

A 5-member panel at the FCC should not dictate how #Internet services will be provided to millions of Americans https://t.co/o9RW4DQhsJ

Steve Chabot (R) @RepSteveChabot

RT @RepSteveChabot: As Chmn of @HouseSmallBiz, I'm fighting for fewer & smarter regulations. We need to unleash the power of #SmallBiz https://t.co/B24iVgYAp7

Rep. Dan Kildee (D) @RepDanKildee

If someone is on the FBI's Terror Watch List, should they be able to buy a weapon? #NoFlyBuy

Rep. Rob Wittman (R) @RobWittman

What we call terrorism does matter, @POTUS. How can we defeat enemies of liberty if we can't even name them?

Steve Chabot (R) @RepSteveChabot

We’re bringing bold new ideas, a #BetterWay, to the table to change how DC does business → https://t.co/DgAFu3R6XN https://t.co/d3Up4qu7pi

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