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Senator Dan Coats (R) @SenDanCoats

After meeting with @4H members from many of Indiana’s 92 counties, I'm confident that Indiana's future is bright https://t.co/WP0nI3S0ie

Senator Gary Peters (D) @SenGaryPeters

Enjoyed having lunch w our DC interns today—great to hear about their plans & thank them for their hard this summer! https://t.co/6lGv6sEtSH

Rep. Mike Honda (D) @RepMikeHonda

If you can’t by a plane ticket you shouldn't be able to buy a gun #NoFlyNoBuy #DayOfAction https://t.co/80FGDbk01a

Senator Dan Coats (R) @SenDanCoats

After meeting with 60 @4H members from many of Indiana’s 92 counties, I'm confident that Indiana's future is bright https://t.co/haE4GOQYd8

Rep. Mike Honda (D) @RepMikeHonda

If you can’t by a plane ticket you shouldn't be able to buy a gun #NoFlyNoBuy #DayOfAction https://t.co/vgjbuqDo5Z

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

RT @repjohnlewis: We cannot give up or give in or give out. We must keep our eyes on the prize. #goodtrouble #NoBillNoBreak https://t.co/mxImON0gTj

Senator Dan Coats (R) @SenDanCoats

RT @mawilner: New language in #Senate foreign ops bill would completely shut a critical loophole in PA aid, @SenDanCoats tells me. https://t.co/jSb31rsWjV

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

RT @RepBarbaraLee: Reggina was just 16 when she was killed leaving a vigil in Oakland. I’m staying on floor for her. #NoBillNoBreak https://t.co/PSJu2L2SKF

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

RT @cbrangel: Periscoping at 1pm: @HouseDemocrats will demand vote on #NoFlyNoBuy bill & universal background check bill. #NoBillNoBreak

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

We need to do something to end the gun violence epidemic. Let us vote, @SpeakerRyan. #NoMoreSilence #NoBillNoBreak https://t.co/a9uYkOwrTu

Rep Rick Crawford (R) @RepRickCrawford

I just published “A New Infrastructure of Thinking” https://t.co/X2uKEI2f9T

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

RT @RepBarbaraLee: .@SenWarren is in the House for #NoBillNoBreak sit-in!We wont stand by while families are torn apart by gun violence https://t.co/qv7xZqou1y

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

RT @RepKClark: 24 hours ago, we began this sit-in to demand votes on common sense gun safety measures. #NoBillNoBreak https://t.co/nTxqL35I1r

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D) @SenatorHeitkamp

On Sen. floor @ 1pmET, @SenatorCantwell @SenatorBaldwin & I will call 4 action 2 make #ExIm fully functional. Watch: https://t.co/kWafvuZkpg

Dina Titus (D) @dinatitus

Want sensible gun control? Read my op-ed in today's @LasVegasSun https://t.co/RRsHKYwWUl

Steny Hoyer (D) @WhipHoyer

RT @WhipHoyer: Dems will continue to call for a vote on commonsense bills to address gun violence #NationalDayofAction #DisarmHate https://t.co/dUDh9tjclH

Kyrsten Sinema (D) @kyrstensinema

RT @RepJohnDelaney: Delaney, Hultgren, Sinema, Walorski Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Protect Veterans Credit Ratings https://t.co/C5Q7fBcmN4

Cong. Mike Simpson (R) @CongMikeSimpson

Check out the latest Mile Tracker Board and Congressman Simpson’s progress. #HikewithMike https://t.co/10BL3tdg9j

Yvette D. Clarke (D) @YvetteClarke

RT @RepBarbaraLee: This gun violence epidemic in America must end. @SpeakerRyan, now more than ever is the time to #DisarmHate. https://t.co/3NJwGMBb4o

Robin Kelly (D) @Robin42CD

RT @EqualityILL: Thnx @RepRobinKelly for hosting #LGBT Roundtable & dedication to equality, social justice, anti-violence initiatives https://t.co/SLoo8P6Q0s

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: @WellsforCongres Tell you what Mr. Wells: You stop lying about Real Republican @claudiatenney we'll stop telling truth about you.

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: @WellsforCong Oh, don't worry. We will. #NY-22 going to send Real Republican, Marine Mom @claudiatenney to Congress. Long overdue.

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: @and__hannah @WellsforCong Incredible. #NY-22 deserves so much better. Vote @claudiatenney ! With Claudia, what you see is what you get!

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: @WellsforCong Wake up #NY22. Last thing we need is someone who cuddles with RINO/Cuomo lover Picente. Only Real Republican is @claudiatenney

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: 2/2 @claudiatenney is working against RINO machine in #NY-22 primary. Want to know why more conservatives don't run? Because @marklevinshow

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: @JenKuznicki @marklevinshow shd spend less time w/LevinTV plugs & more time w/ conservative @claudiatenney taking on RINO estab in NY22

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: @JenKuznicki it is genuine disgrace that 2 cycles in a row @marklevinshow has ignored true conservative @claudiatenney in #NY-22 1 of 3

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