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Paul Ryan (R) @SpeakerRyan

Measure success based on results rather than efforts. That's how we can beat poverty—person to person. #BetterWay https://t.co/nSmncpJW4D

CathyMcMorrisRodgers (R) @cathymcmorris

Hydropower is crucial to Eastern Washington and to our state. That’s why I’m working so hard to support it. https://t.co/5LtD8lndhx

Ed Royce (R) @RepEdRoyce

Tonight, I'm hosting an event for students and parents with questions on military academy nominations:… https://t.co/oFBBZpTgnH

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

More than 800 invader with "security concerns" mistakenly grabbed citizenship. @lagop #lasen https://t.co/J6IOEORczm

CathyMcMorrisRodgers (R) @cathymcmorris

Hydropower is crucial to Eastern Washington and to our state. That’s why I’m working so hard to support it. https://t.co/JVivnbg9KF

Peter Roskam (R) @PeterRoskam

RT @aviationirancom: German business delegation visiting Iran this weekend, goal to strenghten financial ties. I can imagine Airbus deal being discussed. #Iran

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

RT @nyspolice: Ahmad Khan Rahami wanted in connection with Chelsea bombing. 28 yrs old. Call 1-800-577-TIPS or 1-800-GIVE-TIP. https://t.co/FjIn27wFrR

Garret Graves (R) @garretgraves

Thank you @FBI and NYPD for swift arrest of this coward. Justice must be swift against those who attack our country. https://t.co/Pw8Xesm7BD

Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D) @RepCardenas

Thank you to the last summer interns from my District Office, Cindy Villegas & Andrew Cobian! #TeamCardenas https://t.co/iJMQsaKzSv

Senator Ben Cardin (D) @SenatorCardin

Always a pleasure to join you @kojo for a thoughtful conversation about our community and our nation @kojoshow #Maryland

Yvette D. Clarke (D) @RepYvetteClarke

I am deeply honored to have known Dr. Lamuel Stanislaus as a man of high distinction and as a friend. @WIADCA @WIADCANYC #Grenada

Governor Dan Malloy (D) @GovMalloyOffice

Be aware of your surroundings. If you #SeeSomethingSaySomething. CT's Homeland Security Tips Line is 1-866-HLS-TIPS https://t.co/MKIpoHCC0e

Senator Ben Cardin (D) @SenatorCardin

Live now with @kojoshow We're talking infrastrcuture, @wmata and more. Taking questions from listeners https://t.co/PUxb46xw5d

Alejandro (D) @agarciapadilla

RT @PRPDNoticias: ¿Lo ha visto?Andamos tras la pista Kelly Robert Swaden por alegadamente secuestrar a su nieta. Confidencias 343.2020 https://t.co/guISVuc3ED

Chaka Fattah (D) @chakafattah

#NationalGEARUPweek The results prove that #Gearupworks Everywhere ! Millions helped / Millions more will be ! https://t.co/iBOFXalVi3

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

Ask journalist Jim Lehrer to do a public vote to #OpenDebates. Call: 434.924.7236. Tweet: Miller_Center https://t.co/eZW9o7qa2G

Senator Chris Coons (D) @ChrisCoons

RT @foxandfriends: .@ChrisCoons: There's no evidence that any of these 3 attacks were coordinated, funded or supported directly by ISIS https://t.co/XO313p5Zo5

Donald J. Trump (R) @realDonaldTrump

Saturday’s attacks show that failed Obama/Hillary Clinton polices won’t keep us safe! I will Make America Safe Again!

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

SOMEONE hacked my #Facebook - I'm personally blocked from posting, I guess an unauthorized post was made? #MAGA https://t.co/E5ZWg9UqxN

Rep. Keith Ellison (D) @keithellison

Thank you Officer Falconer for protecting citizens from the the knife-welding attacker. Praying for speedy recovery for 9 persons injured

Mike Pence (R) @mike_pence

Thank you @FBCJACKSONMS for welcoming us in Jacksonville! It was a joy to worship with you. Appreciate your prayers https://t.co/6mB4ziwkao

Adam Schiff (D) @RepAdamSchiff

The attacks in New York, Minneapolis and New Jersey, whether acts of international terrorism or domestic madness, are horrific.

Loretta Sanchez (D) @LorettaSanchez

RT @DisneyChannelPR: #ElenaofAvalor was Grand Marshal, La Madrina, of the East Los Angeles Mexican Independence Day Parade. https://t.co/Nk8czPSBaw

Chaka Fattah (D) @chakafattah

#Gearupworks Everywhere ! Gear Up deliver results for millions of students. Tomorrow starts #National Gearupweek ! https://t.co/bTKtbWQkXG

John McCain (R) @SenJohnMcCain

Greeting Lauren Bruner @ArizonaFBallgame last night - USS #Arizona survivor, 2nd-to-last man off the ship https://t.co/AxtVhqXahE

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

RT @melissadderosa: Gov Cuomo & Mayor de Blasio greet Chelsea residents after your of impacted site this morning https://t.co/cSH3Pu2qoK

Sen. James Lankford (R) @SenatorLankford

On Aug. 4, President said a wire payment for the $1.7B #IranPayment was not possible. This appears to not be true. https://t.co/zqhvXusXMY

Claudia Tenney (R) @claudiatenney

Growing and engaging with the right tweeps - gained 45 new followers in the past week, courtesy https://t.co/OHrEuURtEE

Richard Burr (R) @BurrForSenate

Parents in uniform should not have to worry about the safety of their children. https://t.co/0PgZXtGVcy

Richard Burr (R) @BurrForSenate

.@DeborahRossNC fought against a sex offender registry. I strengthened it. https://t.co/kVeewZPm6r

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

Black terrorists out ISIS? Can you tell the difference? Remember cucks, diversity is our strength! @lagop #lasen https://t.co/I3tXACOYCN

Xavier Becerra (D) @RepBecerra

The Mid-Autumn Festival is among us — a time for families to reunite and gather. Wishing the API community a happy and safe celebration!

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

A very belated congratulations to @CarolineLucas & @jon_bartley on being elected co-leaders of @TheGreenParty of England/Wales! #WeAreGreen

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

RT @ArnMenconi: Obama most the people who got you elected in 08 are against the TPP. Thanks for nothing. #StopTPP Vote @DrJillStein https://t.co/ETk1MwyXts

Alex Mooney (R) @MooneyforWV

Addressing the Berkeley County Eisenhower Dinner tonight! These West Virginians are fired up! #wvpol #wv02 https://t.co/qrbFgiuIg3

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