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Adam Schiff (D) @RepAdamSchiff

We should alert law enforcement to purchase and so they can undertake a follow-up investigation. Could have disrupted Orlando plot.

Louise Slaughter (D) @louiseslaughter

We need action on gun violence—now. My remarks on the House floor today: https://t.co/9VGnYs18wl #OrlandoStrong. https://t.co/yGCoPxhNf3

Rosa DeLauro (D) @Rosa_DeLauro

No one should ever be a target because of who they are or whom they love. #lovetrumpshate

Rosa DeLauro (D) @Rosa_DeLauro

From Newtown and Aurora, to San Bernardino and now Orlando, gun violence is tearing apart American communities. #gunviolence

Gary R. Herbert (R) @HerbertForUtah

An overflow crowd of supporters in #Panquitch. Thx to Tom Hatch and all who helped organize this great event. #utpol https://t.co/m5lCe7ojZg

Senator Bob Casey (D) @SenBobCasey

Thanks to everyone who called and emailed support last night. We'll listen to and read every massage because you're right, enough is #Enough

Texans for Abbott (R) @AbbottCampaign

RT @SCOTUSblog: SCOTUS holds 8-0 that the objective reasonableness of the loser’s position is important in awarding attorney’s fees in copyright cases.

Texans for Abbott (R) @AbbottCampaign

RT @SCOTUSblog: SCOTUS opinions at 10a ET. 16 cases remain from this term. Affirmative action is the most likely big one today. Liveblog starts in 10 mins.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D) @RepStephenLynch

Congratulations to Ellie Monger of #Scituate! Today, Ellie receives the Congressional Award Gold Medal. https://t.co/HHRqIXbBcj

Brad Ashford (D) @BradAshford16

#SmallBiz is the crucial to the economic success of our communities. I'm proud to represent #NE02 entrepreneurs. https://t.co/ZJEFXEGHF8

Ted Strickland (D) @Ted_Strickland

Ohio Public Radio: @robportman's "Clarification" On Gun Ban Stance Fails To Clear Up Confusion https://t.co/lv5XRV32SY #OHSEN

Rep. Frank Guinta (R) @RepFrankGuinta

Nice of @Disney and others https://t.co/p4ASWXd7ou donating to Orlando families

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) @RepJeffDuncan

A regressive tax that distortionary hurts people with less means from exercising their 2nd amend rights? https://t.co/0l0FgQCHDx

Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

RT @SenateDems: "Ask yourself what can you do to ensure Orlando or Sandy Hook never happens again" -@ChrisMurphyCT Thank you for your leadership, Senator.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D) @RepMcGovern

Robert F. Kennedy's words still ring true today. We must act to stop #GunViolence in our communities. #holdthefloor https://t.co/tuJ4xQnHZo

Chuck Schumer (D) @SenSchumer

RT @DebraMessing: @SenSchumer I tried leaving msg at office- I SUPPORT THE FILIBUSTER & want background checks & those on terror list banned from buys guns TY

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