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Rep. Vern Buchanan (R) @VernBuchanan

Today, I announced that I'm cosponsoring 2 bills to fight the heroin crisis in Florida and the U.S.... https://t.co/XQ2tXzvZpu

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John Kasich (R) @JohnKasich

NEW VIDEO: Only one candidate is ready to lead -- only one will make our America proud. https://t.co/EKMa0X1hMH

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Dave Joyce (R) @RepDaveJoyce

Getting ready for MIlitary Construction & Veterans Affairs @HouseAppropsGOP Hearing on Quality of Life in Military

Adam Kinzinger (R) @AdamKinzinger

Asked if I'd support Trump if he was GOP nominee. My response: I put my country before my party any day. https://t.co/g3WykSkhtO

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Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) @MayorBowser

RT @LindseyVParker: Inspiring ideas exchanged and intense discussions last night! See u tomorrow #budgettalks #MyFY17DC https://t.co/FUvI57SRCH

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Chaka Fattah (D) @chakafattah

Millions helped / More to do. communityservant https://t.co/7hf1OH2zJQ

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Brad Ashford (D) @BradAshford16

RT @JetBlue: Are we a nation divided, unable to compromise? See if 150 strangers can put differences aside for the greater good. https://t.co/HAj6o5qnrd

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Congressman Tim Ryan (D) @RepTimRyan

RT @PaulBegala: Best line of the entire campaign: @RealBenCarson: "Can someone please attack me?" #CNNDebate

Congressman Tim Ryan (D) @RepTimRyan

RT @jonfavs: If there was no danger that one of these jokers might become President I would watch this EVERY WEEK.

Brad Ashford (D) @BradAshford16

RT @ABC: UPDATE: Several killed, up to 20 injured in shootings in Hesston, Kansas, sheriff says: https://t.co/iOFqZYsMM4

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Rep. Terri A. Sewell (D) @RepTerriSewell

How awesome is it, that in moments...hundreds of Foot Soldiers will be recognized for their bravery and strength

Rep. Alan Grayson (D) @AlanGrayson

Trump or Cruz? How about a revolution?

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Dr. Ben Carson (R) @RealBenCarson

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
Real compassion is providing people a ladder of opportunity to climb up from a state of dependence. #GOPDebate

Lisa Murkowski (R) @LisaForSenate

I was proud to be a part of Mat-SU Republican Women’s Club “Boots on the Ground” Dinner! #Alaska #Alaskanwomen https://t.co/lxPKaiGDIP

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Mike Quigley (D) @RepMikeQuigley

Catch my @FarmWeekNow interview 2/26 @ 9:05AM. I will talking about driving federal $ back to #Illinois & my “undercover” @ Sugar Grove farm

Doug Ducey (R) @dougducey

Thank you, @AndyKunasek, for your serve to Arizona and leadership in Maricopa County.

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