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Rep. Diana DeGette (D) @RepDianaDeGette

Standing with @RepPerlmutter to keep #SitIn alive by keeping @HouseRepublicans from seizing the mic & ending debate. https://t.co/CU24oSRmbg

Fareed for Congress (R) @JustinFareed

I'm proud of Santa Maria Valley's progress & look forward to tackling the big issues still facing our community. https://t.co/8S9G5QoeQt

John Larson (D) @JohnLarsonCT

RT @JohnLarsonCT: We have had more than 130 mass shootings this year. Each tragedy is #1in1000 since Sandy Hook. #Enough is enough https://t.co/HXF8oMkSMX

John Larson (D) @JohnLarsonCT

RT @JohnLarsonCT: Enough is #enough. All across the country, lives are being forever changed & destroyed by gun violence. #MakeItStop https://t.co/YSNGD7I5uU

John Larson (D) @JohnLarsonCT

RT @JohnLarsonCT: It's been 1 year since the tragedy in Charleston...which is #1of1000 mass shootings since Newtown. #Enough https://t.co/ATMhBejIYH

John Larson (D) @JohnLarsonCT

RT @JohnLarsonCT: Most Americans agree on common sense reforms like universal background checks #Enough https://t.co/yFtLcvsAfT

Rep. Scott Peters (D) @RepScottPeters

#ICYMI: Our remarks on the House floor tonight... https://t.co/MXBbRy96wh

Matt Bevin (R) @MattBevin

RT @MattBevin: Today we announced our transformative Medicaid plan to improve health outcomes. Watch here: https://t.co/l8BGzy3cN7 https://t.co/r2kM81fjk3

Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D) @RepMarciaFudge

So many calls have come into my office regarding #NoBillNoBreak. Thank you for your support #NortheastOhio #OH11! We will Hold the Floor!

US Rep Kathy Castor (D) @USRepKCastor

RT @jbendery: It's a party in here y'all. Dems just "voted" to keep up the sit-in after votes tonight. "All in favor?" "Aye!" Tourists in balcony go nuts.

Jerry McNerney (D) @jerrymcnerney

9hrs and still on the House floor feeling united and proud to stand up as one to reduce gun violence #NoBillNoBreak https://t.co/AcSuS2cSCj

Sen. James Lankford (R) @SenatorLankford

#SitIn Reality Check: when the Dems had 60 votes in the Senate, control of White House & House, they did not pass their #guncontrol proposal

Rep. Scott Peters (D) @RepScottPeters

We'll do whatever is necessary to give this attention it deserves. #HoldtheFloor #NoBillNoBreak https://t.co/Ga8z7zJvZn

Senator Jon Tester (D) @SenatorTester

It is time to deliver the care our #veterans deserve and pass the Veterans First Act. #passVets1stAct #mtpol https://t.co/Yfi6jlMbYh

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