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Garret Graves (R) @garretgraves

FBI director says @HillaryClinton was “extremely careless” about emails, but didn't recommending filing charges. Why is she above the law?

Jason Allen (R) @senatorjallen

Enjoying the history of the Cherry Industry of Northwest Michigan. Sen George McManus has great stories. @MISenate https://t.co/FlsyqqU0kd

Tammy Duckworth (D) @RepDuckworth

Saddened to learn of AbnerMikva's passing. #Illinois is better off because of him. My condolences to his loved ones https://t.co/vn5FJpQAm4

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) @RosLehtinen

.@JohnKerry says #Maduro can bring #Venezuela out of crisis. Maduro created this crisis. US must demand referendum, not encourage this thug.

US Rep E.B.Johnson (D) @RepEBJ

Thank you to the countless lawmakers and #MentalHealth advocates who worked so hard to #PassHR2646 https://t.co/tK4lfpqWXq

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) @RosLehtinen

.@JohnKerry says #Maduro can bring #Venezuela out of crisis. Maduro created this crisis. US must demand referendum, not encourage this thug

Rep. Chris Stewart (R) @RepChrisStewart

I've read the classified emails on Clinton's servers. I'll react to the FBI announcement on the @kslnewsradio in 3 minutes. Tune In! #utpol

Senator Tim Kaine (D) @timkaine

RT @alana_austin: Sen. @timkaine in Richmond at VA Dept. of Health talking #Zika threat, commonwealth's preparation. @NBC29 https://t.co/KlkANQcura

Mike Pence (R) @mike_pence

RT @Indiana_EDC: #Indiana businesses are creating #tech jobs here 3x faster than the nation overall. #innovation https://t.co/zYyzFJiLKJ

Governor Mike Pence (R) @GovPenceIN

RT @Indiana_EDC: In 2015, #Indiana’s tech friendly climate helped to attract 59 new companies, creating more jobs for Hoosiers. https://t.co/yHh3IffgJd

Doug Collins (R) @RepDougCollins

The Founders, and great Americans throughout our history, understood well the fragility of liberty. https://t.co/zcifvKSf6r @gtimes

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: @CinderellaMan2 @Ron_GriffithsJr Only a corrupt,Cuomo cuddling RINO looking to distract #NY22 from Real Republican in race: @claudiatenney

claudia tenney (R) @claudiatenney

RT @rantburger: @fud31 Not since Michael kissed Fredo . . . Go get 'em tomorrow @claudiatenney !!! NY-22 and America needs your leadership!

Dr. Rand Paul (R) @RandPaul

RT @gregbeacham: So the trained bald eagle flying around Dodger Stadium pregame just flew past its handler, out of the park and didn't come back #Murica

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