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Doug Collins (R) @RepDougCollins

The Founders, and great Americans throughout our history, understood well the fragility of liberty. https://t.co/zcifvKSf6r @gtimes

Chris Collins (R) @CollinsNY27

RT @WJBbufsabfan: @CollinsNY27 When are the rest of us in NYS going to be able to use ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft? Don't we deserve what NYC has?

Senator Harry Reid (D) @SenatorReid

I’m encouraged by the bipartisan talks that have been taking place. .@SenatorCollins' bill deserves a vote.

Doug Collins (R) @RepDougCollins

Collins: Overregulation slows job growth in the poultry industry: https://t.co/yji0ynG0pD via @YouTube

Doug Collins (R) @RepDougCollins

Last year, I intro'd a resolution to block the FCC's regulation of ISPs. What is #SCOTUS thinking? https://t.co/ZPUJnDUXVC #NetNeutrality

Doug Collins (R) @RepDougCollins

Thank you @BillPascrell, @davereichert, @TulsiPress, and @PatToomey for your leadership on HR 2137, to protect #lawenforcement officers!

US Rep Rodney Davis (R) @RodneyDavis

I'm proud to represent the Horseradish Capitol of the World: Collinsville! https://t.co/UhRByyWjYM

Doug Collins (R) @Douglas_Collins

I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/2w0uv2sQbk

Doug Collins (R) @Douglas_Collins

I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/lFwPxgx1r8

Doug Collins (R) @Douglas_Collins

I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/pv6Yh7mg6f

Doug Collins (R) @Douglas_Collins

I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/0OxlvC7CLI

Doug Collins (R) @Douglas_Collins

I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/2iLpvIBChr

Doug Collins (R) @Douglas_Collins

I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Election Night, May 24, 2016" https://t.co/PtZsHsD7I1

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