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Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

RT @GunnelsWarren: We don’t need Trump’s wall and barbed wire. We need to end the deportation machine that is tearing families apart and sowing so much fear.

Chris Collins (R) @CollinsNY27

I want to thank the law enforcement officials for the incredible job they have done in Cleveland. #BlueLiveMatters https://t.co/MU1Pjy9nQF

Brendan Boyle (D) @RepBrendanBoyle

RT @KirkHerbstreit: Maybe I don't understand politics but ENOUGH of ripping HC. Not interested. Can we just hear what the Republican Party plans to do. #WWE

Gov. Gary Herbert (R) @GovHerbert

RT @GregAbbott_TX: Big 12 expansion is a non-starter unless it includes University of Houston. @UHouston https://t.co/AnHB4dIGnc

Doug Ducey (R) @dougducey

Great to see and catch up with @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy! #RNCinCLE https://t.co/iVhF676rdL

Mike Kelly (R) @MikeKellyforPA3

Many thanks to Governor Pence for coming to speak at this morning's Pennsylvania delegation breakfast at the RNC!... https://t.co/btYOPCw5C2

Raul Ruiz (D) @CongressmanRuiz

TY Rodolfo Piñón for dedicating your life working tirelessly for underserved communities in #CA36.

Hakeem Jeffries (D) @RepJeffries

What will it take for reasonable people to conclude we have a problem? #CharlesKinsey https://t.co/gNe6cfV9iE https://t.co/DCaMESImdH

Paul Ryan (R) @PRyan

It's time to go from an opposition party to a proposition party. #RNCinCLE @MilkenInstitute

((David Cicilline)) (D) @RepCicilline

RI firefighters receive $300K to purchase essential equipment, Rep. Ciciline announces https://t.co/AMZTPlNvqw

Senator Rubio Press (R) @SenRubioPress

At Panama City Beach Veterans Town Hall, @MarcoRubio Pushes For #VA Reform & Accountability https://t.co/h5uJIjRZCJ

Rep. Robert J. Dold (R) @RepDold

Know a strong advocate for the #environment? Nominate them for a #IL10 Leadership Award!! https://t.co/HACPvCypyE https://t.co/HWB9eXJcsJ

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